How to Delete an Instagram Account Without Logging in AWESOME!

Are you trying to find a way to delete your Instagram account without logging in? If YES. The right choice is at

Some people want to delete their old Instagram account because of many factors that perhaps cannot be fully explained.

If that’s the case, then how do I delete the account? So that you don’t get even more confused, see the review of how to delete an Instagram account without logging in.

How to delete an Instagram account without needing to log in first

Still worried about not being able to delete IG without logging in? Don’t worry because we will review how to delete Instagram without logging in in detail:

1. To delete your Instagram account, you have to log in to the site and you can’t do it via the application but have to use a browser.

2. After successfully entering there, click options > Managing Your Account. Continue again, click Options > Delete Your Account.

3. After clicking on the > option Delete Your Accountthe next option will appear and click on the > option How do I delete my account?

4. Then a fairly long explanation will appear with several points, select point number 1 then click the link > Deleting Your Account Page.

5. If you haven’t logged in to your Instagram account before, you need to log in first so you can proceed to the next step for deleting your Instagram account.

6. However, if the problem is because you forgot your Instagram account password, it’s a good idea to reset the password first by clicking > Forgot Password or log in using your Facebook account.

7. If the Instagram login problem is resolved, after clicking the link > Deleting Account Page You you will be taken to a new page.

This page is a page where you can confirm the deletion of your Instagram account. One of them is by answering the question why you want to delete the account. Select one of the available answers.

8. Then continue by entering the Instagram account password.

9. If your desire to delete your Instagram account is complete and you are sure and know exactly what the risks are after you delete your account. Then you can click the red button > Permanently Delete My Account.

And now the Instagram account has been permanently deleted.

Overcoming Forgotten Password When You Want to Delete an Instagram Account

If the problem of wanting to delete an account without having to log in is due to a forgotten username or password, then the solution is just to change the password.

Here’s how to change a forgotten password before deleting an Instagram account:

1. Open Instagram using a browser, either via cellular or desktop or laptop.

2. Tap options > Forgot Passwordthen enter your email in the column so you can get the account recovery link.

3. Then Tap > I’m Not a Robotthen select > Reset Password. Wait a moment until the email is sent to the email you entered earlier.

4. Then log in to your email account, don’t forget to enter your email address – Tap > Next. Then the password, tap > Next.

5. Open the email inbox, select email from Instagram. Once open, tap link > Reset Password.

6. You will be directed to the reset password page, and change your Instagram account password to the new password. Then tap > Reset Password to confirm.

And that’s it, now the password has been successfully changed and you can continue with your desire to delete your Instagram account.

Please note that every Instagram user who wants to delete their account is required to first log in to the Instagram account they want to delete.

Because this concerns privacy and the policies provided by Instagram to protect an account. So that no user carelessly deletes someone else’s Instagram account.

For this reason, each user is required to log in to his account by entering the correct username and password to be able to continue his desire to delete the account. However, you still have to log in to your Instagram account to be able to delete it.

Good luck!






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