How to Delete a MiChat Account Permanently: It Will Work!

News | MiChat is a platform chat which can connect you with many people. Unfortunately, this application is often associated with negative things and makes you want to just delete your account. But you don’t know how to delete a MiChat account? Just listen to this explanation.

It turns out that many people can create an account on MiChat, but not delete it. The reason is, in the application there is no menu specifically for deleting an account. But if you are curious, you can try the methods below.

Why Delete MiChat Account?

But before explaining how to delete a MiChat account, you should know several reasons. There are several factors behind this choice. Even though MiChat is actually the same as the platform chat another.

One of the most common reasons why MiChat is associated with negative actions. Instead of you being affected by it, it’s better for me to just delete it. Even though you don’t actually use it for anything bad.

This is also a way to prevent misunderstandings. Maybe there are friends, relatives or partners who already consider MiChat to be a negative application. To avoid causing problems, you can delete the account that has been created.

In MiChat there is only a menu to deactivate an account. That means, your account can still be found by other people and possibly contacted. For this reason, requests to permanently delete your account must be made. But how? Just take a look at the following explanation.

How to Delete MiChat Account

How to Delete MiChat Account

How to create an account on the MiChat application is easy. You can also access this via any device. But unfortunately, deleting an account is not as easy as creating one. What’s more, in the application there is no menu that can actually be used to delete an account.

But what if you have to delete it for a good reason? Here we will provide several methods that can be used as good alternatives to permanently delete a MiChat account. The following is the explanation.

1. Deleting MiChat Account Via Email

Many people suggest that if you don’t want to use MiChat anymore, just delete the application from your device. Whereas uninstall just uninstall the application from the cellphone. Meanwhile, accounts and activities that have been carried out on MiChat remain.

For this reason, below is an alternative way to delete a MiChat account permanently. The intended alternative is sending a request via email. You can submit it to MiChat’s official email address.

The email you send does need to wait a while to be responded to. But there’s no harm in trying it if you already need a MiChat account. You can follow the following guide to submit an application via email:

  • Open the email application you use. It is recommended to use the same account used to register a MiChat account.
  • Next, fill in the subject section with REQUEST TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT.
  • In the body of the message, submit a request to deactivate the account permanently. Don’t forget to provide a strong reason why you want to delete it.
  • Besides that, also write the MiChat account ID in the body of the email. It is better to write email messages in English so that they are easier to understand.
  • When finished, send the message to the email address [email protected].
  • Wait for the reply email and follow the instructions when the request is received.

2. Delete MiChat Account by Using the Feedback Column

If you feel that sending an email is not enough because the response takes too long, you can try the following method of deleting your MiChat account. Doing two things at once increases the chances of being responded to. It could be that the response through the Feedback column is quicker than via email.

This Feedback column can be used to make a request to delete an account. Ask the MiChat team to permanently deactivate your account with a strong reason. If you are still confused about how to do it, see the guide below:

  • Open the app MiChat that you use.
  • After that go to the menu I.
  • Tap menu About which is on that page.
  • Next, go to the column Feedback or Feedback.
  • The next step is to enter the request in the column Deactive. Provide a clear reason why the account was deleted.
  • Write down the cellphone number that you use as your MiChat account.
  • Click button Submit.
  • Now just wait for your request to be approved by the MiChat team. If it can be removed, follow the instructions provided.

3. Erase Digital Traces of MiChat Account

The buzz about MiChat that has emerged recently is indeed disturbing. You can’t delete your account permanently because the feature is not yet available. Then, apart from the two methods above, what do you need to do?

If you send a request via email and the Feedback column doesn’t get a response immediately, it’s better to do this trick. Just delete all digital traces from the MiChat account. This is not a way to permanently delete a MiChat account. But at least you are considered not the owner. Starting from the following stages:

  • Open the app MiChat.
  • Then go to section chat.
  • Next clear all messaging history by selecting and holding chat the.
  • After that select Wipe as confirmation.

The next step to erase MiChat digital traces is to change your identity and profile photo. The steps are as per the guide below:

  • Open the app MiChat.
  • Then enter the menu I.
  • Next tap menu My profile.
  • Next, change all the identities you have entered. Including pseudonym, location, and ID.
  • Still on the menu Iselect an option My Submissions.
  • Next, delete all the posts you have ever made.
  • Don’t forget to delete the cover photo too.

The final stage is to turn off the feature nearby so that your ID is not detected by nearby users. Here’s how to disable it:

  • Open Arrangement Privacy in the MiChat application.
  • Then turn off the feature Discover Ieither by MiChat ID or mobile number.
  • That way your account won’t be found if someone activates the feature nearby.

4. Deactivating MiChat Account

The next is an alternative way to delete a MiChat account by deactivating it. Once all digital traces are deleted, it’s best deactive account also so that it completely disappears from MiChat. Even though this way you can still open it at any time. There’s no harm in trying the following method:

  • Open the app MiChat and go to section Me.
  • After that, open the menu Settings to make settings.
  • Next select the menu Accounts & Security.
  • On the page, tap an option Deactivate Your Account.
  • Furthermore uninstall just remove the app from the device and never open the account again, for at least 30 days.

What Happens If You Delete Your MiChat Account?

You may have been a MiChat user for a long time. If you really want to delete your account, pay attention to the things below. The reason is, the activities carried out will automatically disappear.

  • If an account is permanently deleted, you cannot activate it again.
  • All digital traces and history chat will be deleted.
  • All postphoto albums, videos and profile photos cannot be recovered.
  • It is possible that some information and chats sent to contacts may still be visible to other people.

These are several alternative ways to delete a MiChat account. You can make a submission via email or in the Feedback column. Eliminating digital traces and deactivating accounts could be another solution.

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