How to delete a Google account on all types of Xiaomi cellphones

How to delete a Google account on a Xiaomi cellphone – The data on Android cellphones, including Xiaomi, definitely requires a Google account.

That way you have to create it using the Gmail address and password you have.

But for some reason, it has to be delete the account.

You won’t be confused if you want to follow how to delete a Google account on this Xiaomi cellphone.

As long as you follow the procedures that we will discuss below.

How to delete a Google account on all types of Xiaomi cellphones

There are several reasons for deleting a Google account on a Xiaomi cellphone that sometimes make you annoyed or you just don’t like it.

One of them is that the cellphone will be sold so that personal data must be removed so that this does not happen misused.

What’s more, there are lots of private photos or private videos that you don’t want other people to know about.

Here are the steps.

  • Open menu’Settings‘ on the Xiaomi cellphone then continue by selecting ‘Sync‘.
  • After that, select the menu ‘Google‘.
  • If you install more than one, the list will be displayed. Choose which one to delete first.
  • Later a list of settings will appear, then scroll to the bottom and click the ‘option’More‘ which has a round icon containing three dots.
  • Next select ‘Remove Account‘.
  • The cellphone screen will display a confirmation page. The page contains a question whether to actually delete. Then continue by selecting the option ‘Remove Account‘ once again.
  • That way it has been deleted from the Android cellphone.
  • Do the same steps for other Google accounts to be deleted. Later you can still use the account on your new cellphone.

Easy tutorials and tips for deleting it on all types of Xiaomi Android cellphones can be done on the grounds that the cellphone will for sale.

What if the reason for deletion is changing to a new Google account? The steps are just as easy.

How to Delete a Google Account to Replace with a New One

Because a Google account is very important so that all data on your cellphone is synchronized, you have to create a new one first.

That way, the data will remain stored before long deletion. Here’s how to add a new one.

  • Go to menu’Settings‘ then select ‘Sync‘.
  • Later the synchronization page will appear then continue by clicking the ‘option’Add Account‘ or ‘Add Account‘.
  • Later you will be asked to enter Gmail as well as the password used to log in.
  • Wait until the adding process is complete synchronization finished.

After that, you can delete or throw away your old Google account. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Open menu’Settings‘.
  • Then continue by selecting the option or ‘Sync‘.
  • After that, select the menu ‘Google‘ and a list of Google accounts installed on the cellphone will appear.
  • Select the old one to delete.
  • Several setting options for the Google account feature will appear. Just skip to go straight to the ‘ optionMore‘ with its distinctive icon of three dots.
  • After that, select the option ‘Remove Account‘.
  • There will be pop up message which contains confirmation regarding deletion.
  • If you are sure, then select the answer ‘Remove Account‘.
  • The old one will automatically be deleted from the Xiaomi cellphone.
  • Now ready to use the new one.

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By knowing the method that has explained above, you can do it more quickly.

Moreover, for those who are deleting their Google account on this Xiaomi cellphone for the first time.

Because many settings menus will definitely be confusing for lay people.

The most important thing is to create a new one first if you want to delete your old account because you want to switch to a new one.






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