How to DDOS Attack on Termux Android 2023

How to DDOS Attack on Termux – There are many ways to hack a website, one of which is the DDOS attack method on the website.

For those of you who are looking for this tutorial on the internet, especially Google, then you are on the right site, because we provide everything for you completely.

Before going to the main topic, we want to convey the basics first so that you understand more about the topic you are looking for.

Let’s start from what is DDOS? DDOS attack? Come on, let’s look in full at this first discussion.

What is a DDOS Attack?

DDOS is an attack that targets a server or network system to go down, so that the server cannot be accessed.

In the past, DDOS Attacks could only be carried out on computers or laptops, but now you can use an Android cellphone for DDOS Attacks.

This can be done using the help of an application called Termux.

What is Termux?

Termux is a terminal application on Android phones based on Debian Linux. In the Termux application you can do many things, one of which is DDOS Attack.

So how do you carry out a DDOS Attack in the Termux application?

How to DDOS Attack on Termux

Don’t worry because this time I will discuss how to easily carry out a DDOS Attack on the Termux application for Android phones.

The method I will discuss is how to add someone else’s cell phone via Termux, which you can do easily and without root access.

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If you want to know how to do a DDOS Attack using Termux, then you can read this article until the end so you know how.

Below is how to DDOS using Termux on an Android cellphone in an easy and simple way, if you want to know DDOS using the application, read ddos android application.

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How to DDOS Attack on Termux Android

How to DDOS Attack Termux

1. First, make sure that you have the Termux application on your Android cellphone, if not, you can download the Termux application first via the link provided.

Download Termux

2. Then, install the Termux application that you downloaded earlier on your Android cellphone as if you were installing an Android application as usual.

3. If an error occurs during installation, first check the unknown sources section so you can install the Termux application.

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4. Open the Termux application and enter the command code as below:

Pkg update && pkg upgrade

5. If you haven’t installed the python and git packages, you can install them first using the command code below:

Pkg install git –y

Pkg install python2 –y

6. The next step, download the DDOS Attack script first by typing the command code below in your Termux application.

Git clone

7. Then, run the DDOS script in your Termux application with the command below:

Cd ddos2

Python2 alamat ip -p –t

For example: python2 80 135


  • -s = Server IP
  • -h = Help
  • -p = Ports
  • -t = Turbo

8. That way, the DDOS Attack process will run on the previously determined website.

How, is it very easy to carry out a DDOS Attack using the Termux application on an Android cellphone?

However, please remember that the method above is not recommended for other people’s websites because it could harm other people.

Well, that’s the way to do it carry out a DDOS Attack using the Termux application on an Android cellphone in an easy and hassle-free way.

The method above is also often used by hackers to carry out DDOS attacks because it is simple and can be done on an Android smartphone.

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Hopefully the method above is useful and becomes knowledge for you, especially hacking websites. Thank You.

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