How to Create Your Own Company CV: Make Your Dreams Come True!

Commanditaire Vennootschap (CV) is a form of company that combines ownership and management in a unique way. This form of company is an attractive option for some entrepreneurs, but how to set up your own company CV is quite complex to do.

Indeed, how do you set up your own CV company? Read on to find out what requirements and procedures must be met to ensure success in the process of establishing a CV company.

What is a CV?

CV is a form of company or business found in several countries, including Indonesia. There are two types of partners who play a role in CV company operations, namely active partners (vennoot) and passive partners (commanditaire).

Active partners play an active role in managing and making daily decisions within the company. Passive partners, on the other hand, have a limited role and contribute capital to the company without being involved in operational management.

Requirements for Establishing a CV

What are the requirements for establishing your own company CV? The following are things you should pay attention to so that your company establishment is not hampered, including:

1. Limited number of founders

CV companies have a limit on the number of founders, namely a maximum of two people. The division of roles between the founders and management in the company must also be made clearly.

There is no composition of commissioners as is usually found in other company structures, such as PT. This means that roles and responsibilities in a CV company are distributed directly among the company’s founders or management.

2. Notarial Deed in Indonesian

The way to create your own company CV is no less important, namely that you need to document the creation of your CV with a notarial deed in Indonesian. This notarial deed must also have a decree of appointment and be sworn in by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights to guarantee the company’s legitimacy.

3. Founders must be Indonesian citizens

All CV company founders must be Indonesian citizens. This confirms the commitment to ownership and operation of the company by individuals who have Indonesian citizenship.

4. Owned by a Local Business Owner

CV company regulations do not allow foreign participation in company ownership. This type of company must be 100 percent owned by local business owners, maintaining control and ownership within a national scope.

How to Create Your Own Company CV

What must be done to build a CV company? Check out the guide below so you can get a useful idea of ​​how to build a CV so you can achieve success in your business journey.

1. Determine who the founder is

The first step that must be taken is to determine who the founder of CV is. Remember, CV companies can have a maximum of two founders. Identify who will act as active and passive partners in the company.

2. Prepare Establishment Data

Prepare all documents and data required for establishing a CV company. Some documents that must be fulfilled include:

  • Personal identity documents, such as the identity card and NPWP of the company founder.
  • The deed of establishment is in Indonesian and has a decree from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights.
  • Determine the complete address of the CV company and ensure this address complies with local legal and regulatory requirements.

3. Collaborate with Professionals

Consult with a legal professional or business consultant who is experienced in setting up a CV company. These professionals can help check the completeness of the documents, guide you through the process, and ensure that everything complies with applicable laws.

When you feel you need comprehensive support, it’s best to use a company CV writing service. These services often provide everything necessary to ensure the success of establishing a CV, for example Legal Friends.

4. Registration and Operational Permit Process

After all documents and requirements are met, the notary will assist you in the process of registering your CV company with the Ministry of Law and Human Rights or the authorized government agency. Be sure to follow the notary’s guidance and ensure that all related fees have been paid.

You will receive an NIB if the company has been registered, which proves that the CV is valid to operate. The next way to set up your own company CV is to start running the company’s operations according to the business plan.

Executing how to set up your own company CV requires good understanding and preparation. The decision to build a company, regardless of its type, is a serious commitment to the business world.

So, are you ready to start creating your own dream CV? Read other information only on Laskar Pena!






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