How to Create Automated Scripts For Social Media Content

Social media is one of the communication technologies that is widely used today. Through social media, someone can easily contact relatives or friends without limitations of space and time. Even now, social media can not only be used to get rid of boredom, but also make you more productive.

Yes, most social media today allow users to monetize content. Starting from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and even the last of Twitter.

The important key to being able to make money from social media is clearly displaying quality content. One type of content that can provide greater opportunities to earn more profit is content videos. Unfortunately, to be able to create content videos quality, requires thorough preparation. One way is to create a script or content script.

The script is an important part that must be studied in depth. The script is the part that determines the success of the content videos You. The more mature the script concept offered, the better the content results will be videos obtained.

Luckily, in this era of everything A.I this, we can easily create a script videos automatically. We can make it using website based AI, ie is web application which offers many automation features. In fact, in it you can get content ideas for many important aspects, not just for social media. Starting from aspects sales, education, HR management, legal, marketing, product management, broadcasting, training materials and others.

Yes, the author could say that is web application based AI most powerful. For your own social media needs, you can get content scripts for YouTube, TikTok, Instagram Reels and others.


1. The first thing you have to do obviously is to visit website first. The image below is the main view than website

2. After that do it login as usual. Just choose the menu login which exists. To be quick, here the author chooses to link accounts Google just.

3. Next, you will be asked about several existing preferences or interests. Choose according to your own wishes. Continue the existing process, and when you get to the end, just select it I’ll start with free, limited usage. You may subscribe website This is if you really have sufficient capital.

4. Here’s a look dashboard after we do login. It can be clearly seen that website it supports many process automation on many important things.

5. The writer wants to write a script videos for content Instagram Reels videos, then the author chooses Script for Instagram Reels. You will immediately be redirected to the page prompt. Write down what you want for your content. You can use more detailed information by linking who the target audience of the content is along with link for reference.

6. And here are the results video scripts what the author wanted.

7. What’s more amazing than website Here, you can get other features, namely Generate script text becomes image. Yes, you can do this through features Ask Cohesive AI.

8. On the right dashboards script results, you can get a feature to read the existing text. Not just listening to the machine A.I read your content, but you can also read your contentdownloads easily.

9. If the process editing If you feel like you’ve done enough, you can do it downloads existing script. You can share the results with your friends through link given, or mengexport it becomes a PDF files.


Nowadays, social media can not only be used to ward off boredom. But it can also be used as tools to be more productive. Especially to make money to increase your daily income. To be able to get this profit, you need quality content.

Well, with help AI, ie, you can create scripts for content videos quality. One type of content that is popular with social media users.






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