How to Create a Shop on Shopee (Latest) Free Shipping throughout Indonesia

News | Make your dream of having your own business empire come true, starting from creating a shop on Shopee. You can start by creating a shop account first. The next step, see this article.

How much does it cost to sell on Shopee?

Hey, before we move on to the main discussion, it’s a good idea for you to know how much it costs to pay for sales on Shopee as a seller. A special seller fee is charged at 1.8% of each successful product you sell to the public. Valid for all types of product categories, and includes VAT fees.

How to Create a Shop on Shopee

How to Create a Shop on Shopee

So, because the cost issue is clear, now we move on to how to create a shop on Shopee. There are more than 1 surefire tips for those of you who want to have a successful career as an entrepreneur in e-commerce. Don’t believe it? Look here!

How to Create a Shop on Shopee Using a Laptop

As a first step for you to learn how to create a shop on Shopee, we will use a laptop. To make it easier to learn about the features presented on the Shopee shop page, of course. Here’s the complete method:

  1. Open the browser portal and go to the website Shopee
  2. Choose List on the main page
  3. Insert mobile phone number, accounts Google or e-mail or Facebook for the account registration process
  4. Tap Carry onthen fill in OTP code which you have received via SMS or Whatsapp
  5. Verification successful, click Confirmation
  6. For Account password > select button List
  7. Account registration has been successful, continue to the menu I > select My Shop > Sales Assistant > Profile
  8. Complete Profile informationas well as Shop decoration
  9. Upload photos, banners, logosas well as other details for complete store identity > Save
  10. Set the shop address by selecting My address > Add New Address
  11. Fill in the shop address completely, and add related details to make it easier to find the shop > Save
  12. Choose expedition services who will help you deliver goods
  13. Tap menu Bank account > fill Password so you can log in to your Shopee Seller account
  14. Select menu Add Bank Account > fill in the form information according to the columns provided on the screen > Carry on
  15. Back to home page > menus I > My Shop > click My Products > Add New Products
  16. Write Product name > add Category the right one > Carry on > fill Product Details
  17. Determine the price And add product stock > upload product photo > select icon Tick > Save and View

So, now your online shop on the Shopee e-commerce application is ready. The next step, you just have to be smart about how to market the products installed in the shop window.

How to Create a Shop on Shopee Food

But don’t worry, apart from the products sold on the Shopee home page, you can also learn how to create a shop on Shopee Food. Moreover, considering that many people are lazy to buy food from home. Here’s how:

Requirements for Registering on Shopee Food

1. Privately Owned Business

  • Photo of savings account book

2. Company Owned Business

  • NPWP
  • Domicile certificate (if located in an area outside Jakarta)
  • Deed of Incorporation
  • Photo of savings account book

Steps to Register a Store on Shopee Food

  1. download Shopee Partner application via Play Store
  2. Login or Sign Up via SMS
  3. Contents Mobile phone number activate the shop and complete it OTP code that you got from Shopee
  4. Type Password according to your wishes based on the format that has been set
  5. After that, select type or type of shop which you will build on Shopee
  6. Fill out the form which appears on the screen in full > click type individual business > select Start Activation
  7. Choose food business type or Shopee Food > complete all data required > click Send
  8. Verification process ongoing, and wait for notification furthermore

Generally, the verification process for applying for registration as a Shopee Food Merchant will take approximately 2 weeks or 14 working days. To check approval from Shopee, you can see it via the Partner application or via the registered email address.

How to Create a Shop on Shopee for Free Shipping

Another plus point, all shop registrations that take place on the Shopee application are free! So, in this discussion we will find out how to create a shop on Shopee with free shipping. So that more and more buyers will stop by your shop.

  1. Open Shopee Seller application via cellphone
  2. Select icon Free Shipping on the main page
  3. Click options All Free Shippingthen select Sign up now which is at the bottom of the page
  4. Complete e-KTP number, upload selfie Photo together with e-KTP using the camera feature
  5. Tap the icon Tick on the page User Terms and Conditions > click Send
  6. Next, wait for notification maximum 2×24 working hours
  7. Check notifications regularly in the Shopee Seller application

Free shipping vouchers that have been approved by Shopee, sellers can later use for promotional purposes or service rewards especially for buyers who take part in the membership program. But, you also need to remember, Shopee only provides a postage subsidy limit of IDR 20,000. Moreover, the costs are borne by the buyer.

How to Make a Shop Voucher on Shopee

Latest! for those of you who want to add other exclusive vouchers to your shop. So, you need to know how to make a shop voucher on Shopee below:

  1. Entered into Shopee Seller Center through browsers on PC/laptop
  2. Click menu My Shop Voucher on the left side of the page > select an option My Promotions
  3. Continue completing Basic Details in the column provided
  4. Contents Bonus Settings according to your wishes
  5. Choose Display of Vouchers and Products that Can Use Them
  6. Finally, click the button Confirmation in the bottom right corner of the page

Apart from going through the Seller Center, you can also make shop vouchers via the Shopee application. The method is no less easy than the explanation above. Come see more details below!

  1. Open the app Shopee Seller Operations
  2. Choose My Shop > Store Promotions > click Vouchers
  3. Tap the button Create a New Voucher
  4. Tap and determine Voucher Type what you need
  5. Complete the column Discount Settings
  6. Click Save
  7. Done, choose Look to find out the version of the voucher that will later be seen by buyers

Differences in Vouchers on Shopee

Function Product Vouchers Video Vouchers Shop Vouchers Live Vouchers
Voucher Code
Maximum Quantity per Buyer
Shopee Voucher Recommendations
Select the applicable Product
Voucher Display Settings Select show on all pages or Not show Appears on Shopee Video Select show on all pages or Not show Appear on Shopee Live

How to Sell on Shopee

I’ve already created an account and managed it. Next, you also have to understand how to sell on Shopee. Below are several important points for organizing your online sales strategy for beginner-level sellers. Lets see!

  1. Activate the free shipping voucher program for products listed in the shop window
  2. Add other interesting products to the showcase periodically
  3. Increase the number of shop followers via Live on Shopee or share link to social media
  4. Following various special products offered by Shopee
  5. Choose a product that is highly sought after by buyers
  6. Do a sales recap every month

So, are you starting to be interested in practicing directly how to create a shop on Shopee? Don’t worry, your efforts will not betray the results. In the next meeting, we will discuss how to make digital invitations. Keep spirit!

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