How to create a password on a flash disk so that files are safe and protected

Tutorial on protecting flash disk with password- The need to store data and files or transfer them has become a common thing in work activities and ordinary activities in general, because it requires a medium to store data or files for transfer purposes or other things that are portable and easy to carry, so a Flashdisk is the solution, a tool Mini-sized storage that can accommodate various files and data with a capacity of tens of GBs or even hundreds of Gigabites makes this device very popular and has become a must-have item for PC users or anyone who uses technology for daily needs.

So, if you use a Flashdisk as a file storage medium for personal or office purposes, the contents of the files on the Flashdisk are definitely very important or even confidential, especially if important files and data belonging to the company or very personal matters are in it, you definitely don’t want anyone other than being able to open it or even know its contents, right? So, to secure the contents of the files and data on the flash disk so that it is safe and protected from unwanted access, one way is to protect the flash disk with a password so that not everyone can access it.

So, in this article we will try to provide tips that you can use to protect data and files on your Flashdisk by creating a password to protect your Flashdisk so that it is safe and protected. If you want to know, then pay close attention to the simple tutorial below:

  • The first thing you have to do is connect the Flashdisk to your PC/Laptop, then click the Window logo and click menu Control Panel keep clicking system and security
  • then click bitlocker Drive Encryption as in the image below:

  • If you have entered the menu “Bitlocker Drive Encryption” then there will appear the storage Drive C Drive D and Drive E as well as the Drive from your flash disk, all the Drives are Off, so please click turn On Bitlocker on your flash disk drive line
  • After you click, a Pop Up option will usually appear for you to enter and create a protective password on your Flashdisk, once finished inputting, click Next
  • So, if you have clicked next, 3 different options will appear for you to choose Save To the recovery key to File then you determine the storage location and click Next This is just in case you forget your password or have difficulty opening it
  • After clicking next, you will enter the final stage for the encryption process to protect your Flashdisk and you click Start Encrypting as in the image below
  • Wait a few moments until the Encryption Process is complete, usually it doesn’t take long, just a few minutes
  • If you have gone through all the steps above, then try Ejecting your Flashdik. then try entering it again into your PC/Laptop, after that try clicking on your flashdisk, a pop up will appear asking you to enter the password you just created to access or open the contents of your flashdisk.
  • If it’s like that, it means the protection process to create a password for your flash disk is complete

See how easy it is to protect important data and files on your flash disk with just a very simple and easy tutorial. So, that’s the tutorial on how to create a password for a Flashdisk so that data and files are safe and free from interference from irresponsible parties. That way, you can freely save any files on a flash disk without having to worry about other people opening them. Good luck….Thank you






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