How to Create a Google Drive Link

How to create Google Drive links it’s very easy to do, Google Drive is one of the platform options for storing data in cyberspace.

What’s more, since it was launched in 2012, Google Drive has facilitated its users to store data and share files, not only that, you can also synchronize.

Data to very different devices, the Google Drive application already exists on desktops or smartphones so cellphone users are now spoiled with Google Drive.

In fact, this application has also become a default application that can be installed automatically on the system, because users are facilitated with storage capacity.

Including image, document, audio or video files at once, users can also enjoy a free capacity of 15 Gigabytes, but if you want more than that.

Please upgrade your account on Google Drive, not only can you save, you can also retrieve, edit and share files from Google Drive using computers and smartphones.

For more details, on this occasion we will share how to create a Google Drive link and see the following reviews.

1. Google Drive Function

Google Drive Functions

Before discussing how to create this Google Drive link, you should know that Google Drive itself has a variety of important functions that will make it easier to share and access files.

There are several functions of Google Drive, which are as follows:

1. File Sharing

You can share a file via Google Drive without needing to do a fairly complicated configuration.

This is because sharing files can be done by inviting several users via the Google Drive link and for more details, you should follow how to create a Google Drive link.

2. Editing Files

In fact, you can edit data directly without the need for another download, because Google Drive already supports data editing features in various connected text formats.

With Google Spreadsheat, because Google Spreadsheat has a function as an online form without having to install the software again.

3. Saving Files

To be able to save files that are used as the main function of the Google Drive application, because in this function you can save data and can also save it directly in form.

Documents, images or on an online storage media without storage, especially offline storage media such as hard disks or RAM (memory).

4. Backup Data

Google Drive can be used to back up or invite data that is already on the computer or even other software.

But personally, we also often use Google Drive as a storage medium for some of the files on the website.

You can also use it, if a problem occurs on the website and you can withdraw the file, what’s more, the Google Drive application is quite popular.

Because data storage is very easy to use, apart from that you no longer need to carry physical storage media such as flash drives or external hard drives.

The reason is that storing data in Google Drive can also reduce the potential for data to be lost or infected by viruses, so your important data is also safe.

In fact, you can also take a photo or scan a document and also save your email. Now, how to create a Google Drive link.

2. How to Create a Private Google Drive Link

How to Make a Google Drive Link Privately

If you want to have a file and want to share it privately, you can use this method to create a link.

However, don’t let a private file be shared publicly, for more details, see the review below.

How to create a private Google Drive link is as follows:

  • First, log in to the Google Drive account that you already have.
  • If you have clicked on the file or folder section, then you continue by clicking on the file so please proceed to a division.
  • In this section, you can share a file link with the Gmail address of the friend you want to send the file in private.
  • You can even set the person who will be sent to be an editor or can only view the private files.
  • After the file has been sent, you will immediately get a notification in the lower left corner.
  • However, you have to make sure you have confirmed the person you want to send the file to.
  • If someone you trust opens the file that was sent just now, later there will be several folders or a file that only they can see.

Including one easy way to distinguish it is that there will be a user icon above with an information that will exist.

3. How to Create a Google Drive Link to Share with the Public

How to Create a Google Drive Link to Share Publicly

Well, it’s almost the same as sharing publicly with creating a link that is shared privately even so there are differences between creating a second link.

How to create a Google Drive link to share with the public is as follows:

  • First open the Google Drive application that you have, if you have entered it, type three dots in a file that you want to share with the public.
  • Then you select share the link and change the inactive notification to active.
  • If so, a display will appear showing you have shared an available link. In fact, you can also re-arrange the link with anyone who will have access to the file link that is owned.
  • If you have selected several people who will access the file, there you will be given 2 choices of access rights for yourself and they will be able to open the file.
  • That way, you can directly copy the file link, so you can use it in various links for someone you are targeting.
  • At this stage you can directly copy the link and share it with the public.

4. How to Shorten Links on Google Drive

How to Shorten Links on Google Drive

If you already know how to create a Google Drive link, now we will explain to you how to shorten links on Google Drive easily and see below.

How to shorten links on Google Drive is as follows:

  • First of all open the site and copy the sharelink URL you want to shorten in Google Drive.
  • After that, place the link in the text field provided on
  • Then click the column that is checked create and also enter the short name of the link contained.
  • At this stage click the Save button to save the link, therefore your Google Drive link will be shorter and look more attractive.

The final word

That is the entire content of our article this time regarding how to create a Google Drive link which we have stated above for you to use.

Just choose one that you think is very easy to use, but it depends on whether you want to share it privately or publicly.

If you want to succeed in this, please carefully look at each of the steps that we provide carefully and thoroughly.






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