How to clean the charging port, use simple tools at home

Tech News – The charging ports of cellphones and other gadgets are often dirty. Most people ignore it. In fact, a dirty port can cause a lot of problems. For one thing, the device will be difficult to charge.

Actually cleaning the charging port is not that difficult. Just need to be careful when doing it. Because, the charging port has a small pin in it that connects to the charger. If you don’t do it carefully, you could damage one of the pins when cleaning it. Therefore, clean the dirt slowly.

photo: freepik/nensuria

But before you do that, you should first find out why your gadget port is dirty. There are several factors that cause the charging port to become dirty.

Cloth lint is one of the dirt that often sticks to the charging port. This happens because users often place their cellphones in their pockets.

Apart from that, dirt on the port can also be dead skin cells from the user. Dead skin cells and small dirt particles can slowly become deposited in the charging port.







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