How to check your cellphone’s IMEI with the dial code is very easy

How to check cellphone IMEI – Each cellphone has a different IMEI number. This is an international identity issued by the Global System for Mobile Association (GSMA) in the form of a 15 digit number. This serial number is needed to identify telecommunications tools or equipment connected to a cellular mobile telecommunications network.

Now what is being hotly discussed this time is that the IMEI number must be registered with the Ministry of Industry when a cellphone is to be sold on the Indonesian market. So if our cellphone’s IMEI has not been registered, it will automatically not receive cellular network services, according to reports circulating.

That’s why now we need to check whether the IMEI of the cellphone is registered in the Ministry of Industry’s database or not, if our cellphone turns out to be a BM (black market) item, it’s possible we won’t be able to enjoy the service again.

Several Ways to Check Official IMEI

1. First step – To find out the IMEI number, look at the back of the cellphone or near the cellphone battery

2. Second way – is dial code type the numbers *#06# on the call and the IMEI number series will appear according to the number of available card slots

3. Third way – Another alternative to find out the IMEI number manually is to click Settings -> About Phone -> Status -> IMEI Information

If there are two SIM card slots available on one cellphone, then there are two IMEI number series available. We can use one to check legal whether or not a cell phone.

Furthermore, the 15 digit IMEI number can be checked via the site, whether it has been registered or not, brief information will appear.

How to check the IMEI of a Xiaomi MIUI 11 cellphone

Checking the IMEI using the dial code as we have said is almost the same for all cellphones. However, if we want to know other methods, for example on Xiaomi cellphones in more detail, you can follow the steps below.

1. Open the Settings menu > then tab About phone > Overall specifications > slide click screen Status.

After entering the status menu there will be information on the Android IMEI of your Xiaomi cellphone.

Important – One thing we all need to know is that the government together with Kominfo will block cellphones starting April 18 2020. This will apply to new cellphones purchased and activated as of that date.

Meanwhile, Black Market cellphones that have been used now or are active (connected to a cellular network) until April 17 will have no effect. This means that it can still be used as usual. Those of you who used a cellphone before this regulation came into effect do not need to worry even if the IMEI check is not registered.

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