How to Check iPhone IMEI on the Customs Website

Check IMEI page on the Customs website

Recently, there have been frequent IMEI raids conducted by the government. As a result, hundreds of thousands of IMEI numbers were found to be unregistered, most of which were iPhones. So, for those of you who are iPhone users — who are curious about whether your iPhone is registered or not, below I will explain a tutorial on how to check the IMEI of an iPhone directly on the Customs and Excise website.

What are the steps like?

Immediately, you follow the step by step below:

1. First of all, please check the IMEI on your iPhone. The method is easy, that is, just open “Dial Phone”, then type *#06#. Later on your iPhone screen, the 15-digit IMEI code from the iPhone will immediately appear. However, usually we cannot copy and paste the IMEI number. As a result, notes are needed to write the IMEI numbers one by one.

2. The second step, please visit the Customs website in a special section of the page to check the HP IMEI number. The website address is: (NOTE: don’t miss the www. !)

3. Next, please write down the IMEI codes that you wrote down in the special notes one by one in the column provided on the Customs and Excise website. Then write the Captcha code below, and click the blue SEND button.

4. If your IMEI is NOT REGISTERED, a red text will appear under it saying “Your IMEI is not registered”.

5. If your IMEI is ALREADY REGISTERED, then nothing will appear under it.

Very easy right?

So, that’s the tutorial on how to check the IMEI of an iPhone on the official Customs and Excise website. You need to know, previously this IMEI check feature was available on the website of the Ministry of Trade or Ministry of Trade. However, for some reason, now this feature can no longer be accessed on the Ministry of Trade website.

By the wayI hope the tutorial above is useful, and please share this tutorial — who knows, it will also be useful for your friends and relatives! (af)






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