How to Change WhatsApp Theme Without Application: All Devices

News | Are you bored with the same WA application theme? The following is a way to change the WhatsApp theme without an application that you can try. By changing the appearance, you will get a different atmosphere.

WhatsApp itself still ranks first as an application chat most popular. It seems like nowadays there is no one who doesn’t use the platform. The reason is, chat via WA is very easy and there are various supporting features provided.

But unfortunately, WhatsApp’s default appearance is boring. Even more so if you use it every day. For this reason, try to use the following method so that the theme on WA is different from usual.

Can you change WhatsApp themes without an application?

Many WhatsApp users wonder, can the themes in the application be changed? If possible, to what extent can the appearance be changed? You should read this explanation first so you don’t misunderstand.

If you use the original WhatsApp application, there are only two theme choices. Users are only allowed to use dark or light themes. Light theme is usually the default WA setting. So if you get bored, you can change it to dark mode.

You can only change the theme in the WhatsApp application. Meanwhile, if you want a better appearance, you can beautify the part chat room. You can replace wallpapers in the message room with your own image or one provided by WhatsApp.

How to Change WhatsApp Theme Without an Application

How to Change WhatsApp Theme Without an Application

As explained above, there are only two ways to change the WhatsApp theme without an application. First, you can change it from light to dark or vice versa. Here we will explain how to change it on an Android cellphone, iPhone and WhatsApp Web.

Then the next thing is to change the theme or wallpapers in chat rooms. This one can take pictures in the gallery. For a complete explanation, immediately check the guide below:

1. Change WhatsApp Theme on Android Phone

This first way to change the WhatsApp theme without an application is specifically for you user android. WA is a platform chat which is compatible with all devices. Not only for cellphones actually, but also laptops and PCs.

If you use an Android cellphone, you can read this explanation. The method is very easy because it can be changed directly in the WA application. Here are the steps:

  • Open the app WhatsApp on an Android cellphone.
  • On tab menu Chat, tap the icon point three which is on the top right side.
  • After that select Settings in the displayed menu list.
  • Then tap features Chat to change the theme.
  • Then select the menu Theme the one at the top.
  • You can choose one of three themes, namely Dark, Light, or System Default. This third option is adapted to the current device system. If dark modethen it will be dark.
  • Press OKAY to confirm the changes.

2. Change the WhatsApp theme on your iPhone

If you are an iPhone user, no need to worry. There is also a way to change the WhatsApp theme without an application that you can try. But here there are differences with those on Android phones.

On an iPhone, you can not only change the theme directly in the WhatsApp application. But via the Settings menu on the device. The way to do this is to activate it dark mode, later on WA will also change to a dark theme. It’s just that this method applies to iOS 13 and above. The steps are as below:

  • First, open the menu Arrangement or Settings on an iPhone.
  • Next open options Display and Brightness.
  • After that, you just have to choose to use a theme Light or Dark. Later, the appearance of WhatsApp will automatically change according to system settings.

Activate dark mode You can also do this via the Control Center. To do this, you can follow the guide below:

  • Open Arrangement on HP.
  • Then open it Control Center.
  • Then select a feature Customize Controls.
  • At the bottom, add dark mode to show the feature in control center.
  • Next open it Center Control by swiping the screen down or up.
  • Tap the icon Dark Mode to activate it. After that, the theme on WhatsApp also changed.

3. Changing the Theme in Chat Rooms

The two ways to change the WhatsApp theme without the application above are just changing it from light to dark or vice versa. Next, you can change the theme or wallpapers which exist in chat rooms. So, not just plain, but using photos from your own collection. Here’s how to change it:

  • Open WhatsApp and click point three.
  • Then select menu Settings.
  • To change the view chat roomsgo to section Chat.
  • Then tap Wallpapers.
  • Press the button Change which is below.
  • There are several options wallpapers provided by WhatsApp, such as Bright, Dark, Solid Color, and wallpapers default.
  • Choose Photo I to use your own image.
  • Next, select the prepared image and check it on the preview page.
  • When you have selected a photo, tap the button Set Wallpaper.
  • You can make the wallpaper dimmer by swiping right or left. If it is made fainter, then the message balloon is in chat rooms see clearly.
  • The display has been successfully changed. Try checking the results.

This method is used to change wallpapers in all chat. If you want to create a custom theme on chat with certain contacts, you can use the following method:

  • Open one contact who want to be special.
  • Then tap the sign point three which exist in chat room the.
  • Then select menu Wallpapers.
  • Tap Change and define the image.
  • Set the dimness of the display and check the results.

4. Changing Themes on WhatsApp Web

The three methods above are done if you use a cellphone. How about accessing it via a laptop or PC on WhatsApp Web? It turns out, the theme on WA Web can also be changed, so it’s not boring anymore.

If you access WhatsApp Web, you must use it plugins browser or what is usually called extension. Don’t worry, because this method has no impact on the WA on your cellphone. The following is an example of the method via Google Chrome:

  • Open Google Chrome that you use on your computer or laptop.
  • Then click point three at the top right.
  • Select menu Settings.
  • Next click line three on the left.
  • Click button Open Chrome Web Store.
  • Next, look for extensions Stylish — Custom theme format for any website.
  • Once the results are out, click the button Add to Chrome.
  • Confirm by selecting Add Extensions and press Next.
  • Enter keywords WhatsApp Web to choose a suitable theme. You can also open it directly
  • Open one of the themes and click on it Install with Stylish.
  • If so, open WhatsApp Web and see the changes.

That’s how to change the WhatsApp theme without an application. You can change it on all devices. Additionally, changing the theme in chat room also makes the appearance more attractive.

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