How to Change Teams in eFootball 2024, Can Be Any Club!

After eFootball 2024 was released, many players were confused about how to change clubs. If you are one of them, see how to change teams in eFootball 2024 in the following article.

eFootball 2024 was officially released on September 6 2023. Just like the previous edition, this game is available for PC, consoles and mobile devices (Android and iOS).

Even though it is only an update from the previous version, there are quite a lot of additional features and differences available in this soccer game. One way is to change the basic team.

As you know, all players are required to choose a basic team every time they want to play. Therefore, this is one of the important steps.

You can choose various kinds of football teams in the game. There are big European clubs like Barcelona, ​​there are also national teams for those of you who want to play for your country.

Konami allows all players to choose any team they wish. Changing the basic team or club can be done at any time.

Usually, players want to change clubs in eFootball 2024 because they are bored with their previous team’s jersey. Because the only way to change jerseys is to change teams.

Without further ado, let’s see how to change the base team for eFootball 2024!

How to change base team in eFootball 2024

If you want to change clubs in eFootball 2024, here is the complete explanation:

Open the eFootball 2024 game

The first step is to open the eFootball 2024 game on your device. Make sure you have installed the game.

Select the Game Plan menu

Once open, click the “eFootball World” tab, then select the Game Plan or Game Tactics menu.

Select the club logo

In the Game Plan menu you will see the formation arrangement. You only need to select the menu with the club logo on the left side of the screen.

Select Basic Team Settings

After clicking on the club logo, several options will appear. You can select Basic Team Settings or Base Team Settings.

Select Base Team

Select the Base Team option, then look for the club or national team that you want to use as your base team.

That’s the basic way to change teams in eFootball 2024. After following these steps, you have successfully changed clubs in the game. Good luck.






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