How to Buy Starlight Skins In-Game & on Our Marketplace

As we all know, if you have skins exclusive on games Favorite is a matter of great pride. So, in this article we will discuss how to buy the Starlight Mobile Legends Skin.

One of skins The most sought after by Mobile Legends players is Skin Starlight. Skins this always appears epic and has cool effects that make your character look even more attractive.

So, this time we will reveal the secret to buying Starlight Skin in MLBB. Get ready to perform epic on the battlefield of the Land of Dawn!

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How to Get Starlight Skin?

How to Get Starlight Skin. Source: Our

For those of you who want to get Starlight Skin that has passed in Mobile Legends, it turns out there are two ways you can get it. The method is kYou can choose to use Fragment or Starlight.

For more details, let’s look at the following explanation!

Enter the Mobile Legends Game

First of all, make sure you are logged in games Mobile Legends. This is the first step that needs to be taken to be able to access the past Starlight Skin.

Open Starlight Features

After you go inside gamessearch for and open the feature called Starlight. This is where you will find previous skins. This feature gives players the opportunity to get cool prizes.

Visit Starlight Shop

To get the Starlight Skin, you need to have 3000 Star Points. With these Star Points, you can buy past Starlight Skins.

However, keep in mind that you must be a Starlight Member during that month to be able to buy it.

Use the Fragment Exchange Feature

Another alternative is to use Rare Skin Fragments. This is a free way to get the past Starlight Skin.

What you need to remember, skins obtained via this method will not display the Starlight Logo while it is on loading games.

Congratulations, Skin is Ready to Use!

After completing one of the steps above, you are ready to use the existing Starlight Skin in Mobile Legends. Now, you can enjoy skins this in battle and show it off to other players.

Simple, right? With a little effort, you can add to your collection skins your exclusive in Mobile Legends and look different in battle.

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How to Buy Starlight Member on Our Marketplace

How to Buy Starlight Skin. Source: Youtube/Xiren

To buy the Starlight Member Skin on Our Marketplace, you can follow the following guide:

Go to Our Marketplace

First of all, open the application or visit the Our Marketplace website.

Search for the “Items & Skins” Category

On the main page or category menu, look for the “Items & Skins” option. Then, click.

Select Mobile Legends

After finding the “Items & Skins” category, you will see various options. Click Mobile Legends and select the Starlight Skin that suits your wishes and needs.

Select “Buy Direct”

After selecting the desired Starlight Skin in the appropriate amount, you can immediately click “Buy Directly”.

Enter Payment Details

After selecting the Starlight Skin type, you will be directed to fill in the payment details. Make sure you have sufficient balance or a valid credit card to make the purchase.

Payment confirmation

Confirm payment according to the instructions provided by Our Marketplace. You will make payment via the method you choose.

Starlight Skin Activation

After successful payment, Starlight Skin will be activated on the account games according to the type you choose. Congratulations, you can now enjoy all the benefits of Skin Starlight!

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By following the steps above, you will be able to have the Starlight Skin you dream of.

Remember that the fun of playing games is not only in winning, but also in the process of collecting points and building your character. So, keep your spirits up and show everyone how much epicits your character!

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