How to Apply for an Online Loan

Tutorial – Apply for a loan online, Fast and almost instantaneous liquidation of loan applications is a strange concept. But nowadays, with the advancement of internet technology, it is possible to apply and get money within minutes. This is a list of one day loans without security deposit or survey guarantee.

How to Delete Contact and Personal Data for Online Loans

Most people who apply for credit will realize that it takes a very long time to apply for a loan at the bank. The number of requirements is significant, and they will take time to fulfill.

I saw it with my own eyes, because I previously worked in a bank. Many people find that they have to do this when applying for a loan with a bank.

Can someone quickly apply for a loan that will be provided immediately? Are you serious?

I think many people, including you, had that thought when reading this question. Obviously not possible if you still bank there.

While this may be true, finance is undergoing a revolution. Fintech exists (Financial Technology).

Fintech is defined as technological advances that maximize the use of innovative ideas and devices. One example is having instant distribution.

Fintech companies use this technology to offer online loans quickly and instantly. And OJK and Bank Indonesia have approved this Fintech company.

To prove it, I tried applying to a Fintech business that offers direct online liquid loans. I summarize the findings here.

Register for Fast Direct Liquid Fintech Online Loans

Apply for an Online Loan at MoneyFriends

MoneyFriends offers unsecured cash. This is an unsecured credit card and online loan

Uang Teman was founded in early 2015 as a pioneer of unsecured online money loans, featuring:

  • Instant liquid limit for borrowing money online starts from IDR. 1 million becomes Rp. 8 million.
  • The loan duration is 10 days to 30 days.
  • However, it is not without costs to borrow money easily without surveys and collateral.

Loan Interest Terms Are:

Friend’s Money interest is 0.8 percent per day, lowering subsequent loans to 0.75 percent per day. It takes just 15 minutes to authorize the loan and pay it into the borrower’s account. This is of course for prospective borrowers from UangTeman.

One of the advantages of Teman Teman is that there are no early reimbursement penalties. Interest is calculated only up to the day of payment.

Does UangTeman lend to online drivers? In UangTeman’s requirements there are no provisions that prohibit the online driver profession.






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