How to Add Times New Roman Font in WPS Office Android

To add the Times New Roman font to WPS Office Android is actually quite easy, it’s just that many people don’t understand how to add it.

Times New Roman itself is a fairly important font, because in every report or paper assignment at school you must use this font.

WPS Office which is downloaded via Playstore does not provide the Times New Roman font in the application, by default it only uses the Calibri font. The number of fonts available is also limited.

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For that reason, how do you add the Times New Roman font in WPS Office? What you need to do is download or download the Times New Roman font via the internet and save it in your cellphone’s internal memory. Here are the steps.

Download Times New Roman Font on WPS Office Android

This font is a free font, you can find and download this font freely on the internet, but to make it easier, I have provided a Times New Roman font that you can download via this website.

Font – Times New Roman
181 KB

Actually, there are many free font provider websites that you can visit to get other interesting types of fonts, one of which is, or, and many more.

After downloading the font files above what needs to be done?

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How to Add Fonts in WPS Office

What you have to do next is add the Times New Roman font that you downloaded earlier to the WPS Office application.

Because the above fonts are available in zip format. Before use, you have to extract the zip file using the Zarchiver application in Playstore, or you can use another extract application.

In the zip file, there is a font file in .ttf format which will later be added to the WPS Office application. Here are the steps

  1. Extract the ZIP file that was downloaded using the Zarchiver application or you can use the HP’s built-in extract feature.
  2. The extract results will produce 4 font files in .ttf format.
  3. Move the 4 font files in .ttf format into a folder in memory Internal » Fonts. If you don’t find the Fonts folder, you can create it manually.
  4. After moving, please open the WPS Office application, then check whether the font can be used.

Apart from being able to be used for WPS Office, the font you downloaded earlier can also be used in other Android applications such as PixeLab, Picsay and other graphic design applications.

So, what do you think, it’s easy, isn’t it? If you are still having problems installing fonts, please leave a comment.






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