How to Add Songs or Music to the Latest Canva, Easy!


Canva is a free photo editing and video editing application, and is one of the most popular graphic design applications today. You can edit various designs in Canva, from logos, posters, collages, photos, videos and many others.

It’s not surprising that currently many people use Canva to edit various things, considering that Canva has a good and easy to understand interface, so that almost all users can easily be creative in using Canva for editing.

Considering that now it’s no surprise that almost everyone can edit cool designs just using a cellphone, what’s more, with the help of Canva you can be creative easily, and help you make good edits just using a cellphone.

Templates in Canva

Canva also provides various kinds of templates that users can use, of course templates for editing various types of designs. It’s not surprising that this can really help users make editing easier, of course with good results and in a short time.

There are various kinds of cool templates on Canva, and you can search for templates and find the right template using the search engine on Canva, so this makes it very easy for you to find a template that is suitable for your design.

Editing Features in Canva

Canva also provides various editing features, so that it can help users to be more creative in editing designs on Canva. Equipped with filters and adjustment settings which can certainly beautify your editing in Canva, as well as making it easier to do various things with the help of the features in Canva.

Apart from that, you can also add music or sound for those of you who do video editing in Canva, equipped with animation features and various other features that can be used to be creative, so you can get maximum results in Canva.

Tools in Canva

In Canva there are many assets available that users can use, starting from 2 million free images that can be used, thousands of watermarks, to around 25 thousand pre-licensed music that can be used. There is also a large selection of fonts, illustrations, stickers and frames, which will certainly help in preparing editing materials.

In Canva you can even edit team designs online, of course this will be very helpful in completing group assignments and projects, without having to meet in person.

Editing in Canva

As we know, Canva is famous for being used for various types of editing, with services that are easy to understand and maximum results which can certainly make Canva one of the favorite graphic design editing applications, including the ability to add sound or music when editing in Canva, making creations even better. maximum.

Talking about adding music or sound in Canva, quite a few users are wondering how to add music or audio in Canva. Usually this is used in editing videos or learning materials in Canva, so adding sound or audio in Canva is quite important.

So how do you add songs or music to Canva? How to Add music in Canva? How to add audio to Canva edits? How to add songs while editing in Canva? How to add music in Canva? For more details about this, you can just read the discussion below.

How to Add Music or Songs in Canva

For those of you who want to insert music or song audio when editing in Canva, you can actually do it. You can open the Canva application and enter your editing process in Canva.

Next you can click point three at the top, as shown in the image below.

After that you can select the menu Import filesas shown in the image below.

Then you can select Audio file, as in the image below.

This way, you can select the audio music or song that you want to include in your edit in Canva, so that the audio file will automatically be included in your edit in Canva, as in the image below.

By using audio music or your own songs, of course you can be more creative in your edits in Canva, so you can make maximum edits.

That’s what Tomtekno can convey about how to add songs or music to Canva, I hope this article is useful and thank you for visiting.






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