How to Activate Shopee Paylater Easily & Quickly

Shopee is one of the favorite marketplaces of Indonesian people. Apart from that, this application provides Shop Now Pay Later or Shopee Paylater options. The convenience offered makes many people look for ways to activate Shopee Paylater.

This feature is a useful tool when you need to shop but don’t have money. Users can pay at the end of the month or choose an installment scheme to make payments easier. This payment method also provides many attractive promotions.

Shopee Paylater Activation Conditions

Before discussing further how to activate Paylater on Shopee, it’s a good idea to first understand some of the following applicable requirements at

  • Shopee Paylater can only be activated by an official Shopee account using official identification
  • Your Shopee account was created at least 3 months or more ago
  • You are already using the latest version of the Shopee application
  • Shopee accounts are often used for shopping or making transactions
  • Users are Indonesian citizens and have a valid electronic identity card (KTP-El).
  • If you have fulfilled the various requirements mentioned above, users can immediately activate Shopee Paylater.

How to activate Shopee Paylater

It is not difficult to activate the Shopee Paylater payment option. But make sure you follow the guidelines or steps provided on first.

  • First, open the Shopee application installed on your smartphone
  • Make sure you log in to the Shopee application with a verified account
  • Just click on the Spaylator menu on the home page
  • If you don’t find this list on the homepage, please click Me or Me and then select Spaylator
  • If you are already on the Shopee Paylater page, please click the Activate Now menu
  • Shopee will send an OTP code via SMS, please enter the OTP code in the space provided
  • Then click Continue
  • Here, users will be asked to upload an image of their KTP. Please point the camera at the KTP and make sure it is clearly photographed
  • Enter your full name and Population Identification Number (NIK) as stated on your KTP e-card
  • Also include some additional requested information
  • Please click the confirm button
  • Now you are asked to carry out face verification, please click start face verification
  • Aim your face at the frame visible on the screen. Also, make sure your face is clearly visible.

Resolved an error during face verification

It is not uncommon for errors to occur during the face verification process. If you are also facing such a situation, don’t panic yet. Perform the following handling steps.

  • Update Google Play Services first via Play Store
  • Try again to check the face, at least try again twice to see if this is really wrong or not
  • If the problem persists, it’s best to wait 10-15 minutes and try again
  • Check the internet connection on the smartphone, whether it is stable or not
  • Restart the smartphone
  • Please check again

If the verification process has been carried out and is running well, then the user must wait because Shopee Paylater cannot be activated immediately. Shopee will check the data first.

This step is taken to determine whether the user is truly worthy of using the Shopee Paylater service or not. If applicable, Shopee Paylater will be active and can be used immediately.

How to Overcome Shopee Paylater Rejection

If your Shopee Paylater activation request is rejected, you should not immediately give up. The reason is that there are still several ways you can try again. Please see the tips and explanations below to overcome this.

1. Make sure you meet all the requirements

Shopee may reject your Paylater activation request because you have not fulfilled certain applicable conditions. Try to understand once again the conditions imposed by Shopee and make an assessment, have you fulfilled all these conditions?

2. Make sure the data is complete and clear

Sometimes Shopee Paylater activation requests are rejected because the data used for registration is unclear. For example, the KTP image is blurry, the face looks dark during verification, or the data used does not match the KTP.

Users must ensure that all data used in this process is completely complete and in accordance with their KTP. Also note that one identity or KTP can only be used for one account.

3. Update the Shopee application

There is still debate whether the Shopee application version affects the Shopee Paylater opt-in application or not. However, some users have provided information that, after updating the app and trying to resend, Shopee accepted it.

So, there’s no harm in trying to update the Shopee application before practicing the Shopee Paylater activation method above.

4. Increase transactions

The requirement to be able to register for Shopee Paylater is to frequently use the Shopee application for transactions. If your order is rejected, it may be because Shopee still considers the transaction too small.

Therefore, the step that can be taken is to add transactions to this application. You can buy as many items as you like. You can also buy electronic products such as credit, electricity tokens, data packages, etc.

5. Reapply after some time

If you have gone through the steps above, you can resubmit. It is better not to reapply directly, but to postpone it for a few days. You can do the tutorial given previously.

After resending, Shopee requires 2 working days to verify the information you provided. After that, you can see whether this time the request was rejected again or accepted.

How to shop with Shopee Paylater

If your Shopee Paylater activation request has been accepted, it means you can now use that payment method when shopping. Follow the guide below if you are still confused about how to do it.

  • Please select the items you want to buy first
  • If you have chosen, click the “Buy Now” menu.
  • Select a shipping address and shipping type
  • If necessary, enter a free shipping coupon, cashback, discount, or store coupon
  • Then click Select payment method
  • Select the Spaylater option
  • If so, click Make Request
  • Users will be asked to enter their Shopeepay PIN to verify the transaction. You can also use fingerprints or fingerprints
  • Your payment has been completed and the goods will be sent to your address according to the policies provided

When the goods are received and the transaction is completed, the money will be transferred to the seller. Here, your Shopee Paylater invoice has been entered into the database. Next, the invoice will appear on the 21st, 25th or 1st of every month. You have 10 days before payment is due.

How to activate Shopee Paylater is easy. However, you also have to use it wisely, don’t encourage consumer behavior because this can harm you in the future.






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