How did the Fire Whirl Tornado appear on Mount Bromo?

Some time ago, a fire vortex phenomenon resembling a tornado occurred on Mount Bromo. The Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) said that this event, known as a fire whirl, was a rare and potentially dangerous event.

Quoted from Detik, Andri Rahdhani, Acting Head of the BMKG Public Meteorology Center, said that the phenomenon that occurred in the Bromo area had gone viral. In documentation circulating on the Internet, a fire vortex can be seen when a land fire occurs. This phenomenon itself is called a fire whirl.

For your information, a fire whirl is a meteorological phenomenon that rarely occurs but has significant potential danger and is difficult to predict when it will occur. “The appearance of this fire whirl resembles a vortex of fire and smoke and is similar to a small tornado,” said Andri.

Andri explained that fire whirls have the potential to occur when there are several special conditions during a fire, one of which is very high temperatures.

“Fire whirls generally appear after a fire occurs or a large fire causes a sudden increase in air temperature. This combustion process produces hot air that rises quickly,” explained Andri. “The increase in air temperature then causes a decrease in pressure at the surface, so that the surrounding cold air is attracted to fill the empty space formed,” he added.

Andri said that strong winds could also trigger fire movement. This wind speed can be influenced by weather factors as well as by the fire itself. “This high wind speed can be caused by the surrounding weather or by the fire itself. Apart from that, temperature differences will also create an air pressure gradient which strengthens the rotation of the fire,” he explained.

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The combination of all the conditions above can cause land fires in Bromo to increase and resemble a tornado. This of course hampers efforts to extinguish the fire.

“The combination of these various factors means that hot air from the fire source can rise and rotate, forming an air column that reaches a certain height, and quickly spreads widely. This will make the extinguishing process difficult,” explained Andi.

As is known, the land fire in Bromo was allegedly sparked by sparks from flares used by visitors for a pre-wedding photo session on Wednesday, September 6. The fire then spread quickly and was difficult to extinguish.

Finally, on Sunday, September 10, a tornado-like fire vortex occurred in the middle of a land fire in Bromo. According to a report from Detik, one of the volunteers named Sismiko said that the fire tornado incident occurred when the wind was very strong.






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