Here’s How to Screenshot a Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 PC

Screenshots are nothing new. Maybe you have often done it on your smartphone. But how do you screenshot a Windows 7 PC? There are many things that make you want to take a screenshot of your PC screen. For example, you want to show something on your computer screen and show it to a friend who is chatting with you via WhatsApp. Or when you want to show that something is causing an error on your computer and show it to a computer technician.

How to Screenshot a Windows 7 PC

Whatever the reason, you can easily take screenshots on a PC running the Windows operating system. Here are several ways you can take screenshots of your computer screen.

How to Screenshot a Full Screen

The most widely used screenshots are screenshots that take a full screen image. In all versions of Windows, not only Windows 7, this can be done by pressing the PrtSc button. So, the results of the screenshot are currently still stored in the system clipboard. To see the results, you need to paste it in a program like Paint. Open Paint, then you can take out the screenshot by pressing Ctrl + V.

Slightly different, on Windows 8 and Windows 10, you can do it a little faster. You just need to press the Windows key + PrtSc and your screen will flash like a camera shutter indicating that a screenshot is being taken. The results of the screenshot will be automatically saved in the Pictures > Screenshots folder.

How to Screenshot a Single Window

Not much different from taking a full screen screenshot, the way to screenshot a Windows 7 PC for one active window is also very easy. First of all, you need to make it the active window by clicking the mouse cursor on the window. For example, if you want to screenshot the Google Chrome window, you need to click on the window first. The next step is to press Alt + PrtSc. The image will be saved in the system clipboard. Do the same thing as explained previously to remove the image using the Paint program.

Using Applications for Screenshots

If you want to take a more specific screenshot, for example only a small part of the screen, or cover two windows at once without including the full screen, then you need a special application for screenshots.

Without having to download or install a new application, Windows actually provides an application for screenshots called the Snipping Tool. By using this tool, you can take square screenshots more freely.

You can choose which part of your screen you want to take as a screenshot. If so, the results of the screenshot will immediately appear. You can choose yourself whether you want to save or copy the resulting image.

Apart from that, this application also provides four different screenshot modes, including Free-form, Rectangular, Window, and Full-screen.

That’s how to screenshot a Windows 7 PC, but Windows 10 users have one different feature, namely the Delay feature. This feature allows you to prepare the screen as you wish before freezing the screen to take a screenshot. This feature is very useful for situations such as when you want to take a picture of a pop-up menu that will disappear when you press another window.

To use this feature, you only need to press the Delay button and then select the time you want the Snipping Tool to wait, with the longest time being five seconds. If so, press the New button and prepare the screen you want to capture before the timer ends.






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