Here are 7 signs that Instagram has been hacked! ALERT!

Instagram, a place where everyone competes in showing off their existence. This social media is so valuable, even though it is only a photo sharing service. So, if someone tries to hack this account, be prepared to be the target of an attack, even if only in cyberspace. Therefore, for all of us Instagram users, it is important to recognize the characteristics of Instagram hacked people.

When we are aware that our account may be a target of hacking, we can automatically take the necessary precautionary steps to keep our account safe and not end up as a locked and inaccessible account. Let’s quickly get to know what characteristics can indicate that our Instagram account may be in danger. But don’t worry, we will explain the characteristics!

Characteristics of Instagram Hacked by Complete People

Below are some of the characteristics of Instagram being hacked by someone who has been summarized by PemmzChannel:

1. Suddenly following a lot of people

The first sign that your account has been hacked is when you suddenly follow other people, even if you’ve never followed them before. This is an early sign that your account may have been hacked, because besides you, other people can also access your account. However, this is not necessarily a definite problem.

Since it is still possible that this happened because of your friend’s prank, don’t take this matter lightly. It’s best to immediately take preventative steps so that this unpleasant situation doesn’t end in you losing access to your account.

2. Sudden Likes and Comments

The same goes for this sign, which is not much different from the ones we mentioned earlier. Your account could also be indicated as unsafe if you notice that you are suddenly liking or commenting on other people’s posts, even though you have never done so before. This may not be something serious, especially if the likes or comments appear on suspicious content, such as adult content.

3. Bio Changed Without Your Consent

A more extreme indicator than the previous one is when you see that your Instagram bio changes by itself, even though you never changed it yourself. This is a sure sign that something is wrong with your IG account. Someone must have accessed your account, considering you never changed the bio. This is a non-disputable situation.

4. Change of Profile Photo Without Your Consent

This is very unlikely to happen if no one changes it. If you feel like you have never changed your profile photo, then you can be sure that someone has accessed your account. This “someone” can mean many things, depending on the context.

5. Feed and Homepage Are Filled with Weird Images

You should also be alert if you notice that your feed and home page are suddenly filled with strange and unfamiliar images. These are suspicious pictures. However, if the pictures are posted by other users on Instagram, maybe you can feel a little relieved. However, it should be noted that what is meant here is not a post from your friend.

6. Changes to Accounts Connected to Instagram

As you know, to register for Instagram, you need a connected account, such as Facebook, email or mobile number. If one of these accounts experiences suspicious changes, you should be alert, especially if it’s not your account and feels very unfamiliar.

7. The account still exists, but cannot be accessed

If you feel that your account is not blocked, but you cannot log into it, then your account has most likely been hacked. This is a very strong indication. At this stage, it is difficult to take back control of an account that has reached this state, and you may need professional help.

Hopefully the information above about the signs that an Instagram account may have been hacked can help you in keeping your account safe. Hope it is useful!

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