Goddess of Victory: NIKKE Announces Collaboration with Nier: Automata

The humans who survive the Rapture receive unexpected help. The action-packed sci-fi mobile game by Level Infinite GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE announced its latest collaboration with NieR: Automata, ensuring android reinforcements are ready to fight for humanity.

Crossover events GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE x NieR: Automata bringing the popular android 2B to the world of NIKKE. With the same goal, eradicating all threats to humans, 2B will be available as a limited recruitment unit to assist the NIKKE squad. Along with 2B comes another android, A2 and a peace-loving robot, Pascal. Collaboration event GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE x NieR: Automata also brings a variety of in-game content for players to enjoy and collect.

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The collaboration begins on September 1, 2023, with Yui Ishikawa set to play both protagonists, 2B from NieR and Rapi from NIKKE. During the NIKKE x Nier event, players can recruit 2B, A2 and Pascal as playable characters, while 9S will appear as an NPC in the story.

NIKKE players will get a free Pascal character by completing the “Memories of: Automata” login event. There are still many other prizes, such as exclusive costumes for 2B and A2, as well as YoRHa’s exclusive Avatar Frame, which will be announced in the future on official social media channels.

GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE takes players on an action-packed adventure story filled with a variety of interesting playable characters and a mysterious world to explore. With high-quality illustrations and animations, this game displays smooth character movements and realistic performance that make the fighting experience even more dynamic.

Each character has unique weapons and abilities, allowing for different strategies in play. Players are given the freedom to form the strongest team, strengthen their characters and complete missions to defeat the robot invaders and save humanity.

Developed by SHIFT UP (creators of the upcoming Stellar Blade game for PlayStation 5) and published by Level Infinite, the game is available globally on iOS and Android mobile devices, as well as PC.

To learn more about GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE, check: http://nikke-en.com. You can also check social media channels at:

Download the game on the iOS App Store and Google Play.






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