Get to know the AM (Alight Motion) QR Code Preset

Alight Motion is a motion graphics editing application quite popular currently used. One way to share presets from this application with other people is to use AM QR code (Alight Motion).

Is it easy to share and create a QR code from the Alight Motion application? For those of you who still don’t know about this QR code, you must pay attention to the following information!

Get to know the AM (Alight Motion) QR Code

Alight Motion offers convenience for those of you who want to edit motion graphics more easily. In general, there are two ways you can share editing presets from this application, namely using a link and a QR code.

Actually, this way of sharing link presets is more widely used than using Dimensional barcodes This. However, the focus of the discussion in this article will discuss how to share motion graphic presets using AM QR code.

As the name suggests, preset motion graphics using this method will be in the form of a QR code which must be scanned first using a camera or something else. Through this QR code, you can more easily edit motion graphics with existing presets.

What is the Alight Motion Application?

Maybe some of you are still not familiar with the Alight Motion application. The Alight Motion application is a design application that allows you to create motion graphics, animation, video editing, visual effects, and video composition, you know.

This application is available on various platforms for downloading applications such as Google Play, App Store, and others. After successfully downloading this application, you can use the editing features videos and photos which is already available in this application.

There are many interesting features that you can find in the Alight Motion application, one of which is being able to insert animations or MP4 features into your edits. Apart from that, there are keyframe animations for users of the premium Alight Motion application.

So, what other features can you find in this application? Come on, look at the information below.

  • Users of this application can separate videos into several layers and can edit them simultaneously
  • Allows you to import vector graphics while using the application
  • Export videos in various formats
  • Import customized elements and fonts
  • Hundreds of effects and elements
  • It has a fairly long list of video ratios, so you can use it to edit videos or images
  • The 40K 60fps feature is available which makes you more flexible when editing videos or images

Advantages and disadvantages

Every thing definitely has its own advantages and disadvantages, this is no exception AM QR code (Alight Motion’s). The advantage of this preset QR code application is that it makes it easy to share it with other people.

The reason is, the presets from the Alight Motion application can be done to share just with a QR image, you know. Through this image, you can share edited presets that can be accessed by other people. Often these QR code presets are shared via social media.

Often, this QR code is also inserted at the end of the video, you know. Usually, a preview of the preset will be shown first and then the preset will be shared with a QR code that can be scanned by other people, you know.

Well, the weakness of this QR code preset is that it is more complicated than using a link code. Before entering the preset, you must first use an application that can scan QR codes. This is different from preset links which can go directly to the preset.

How to Create and Export Alight Motion QR Code Presets

How to create a QR code in the Alight Motion application can actually be done quite easily. Apart from how to create it, exporting QR codes to other devices can also be done easily, you know.

So, how do you create and export a QR code for an Alight Motion preset? Here is the tutorial for you.

  1. Download the Alight Motion application on Google Play or App Store
  2. Wait until the application is downloaded completely, then register in the application
  3. If already registered, open the video edit or other project that will be used as a preset via AM QR code.
  4. Then, click the Export icon in the top right corner
  5. Then, click the Project Package option
  6. Click the Export option
  7. After pressing the Export option, you have to wait a few moments until the video is finished exporting perfectly
  8. If the export process has been completed, a preset link and preset QR code will appear which can be accessed by other people
  9. Download the QR code that is already available
  10. Please share the QR code with several people via social media to be able to access the presets you have created in the Alight Motion application.

How, how to create and export Alight Motion QR code presets can be done easily, right? You can use this method when you want to share the results of a preset that you have edited or created previously, you know.

How to Use Alight Motion QR Code Presets

After knowing how to create a QR code preset for the Alight Motion application, then you also need to know how to use it. QR code presets will make it easier for you to edit videos or images well, especially for beginners.

The steps for using presets from the Alight Motion QR code can also be done practically. Come on, take a look at the following steps.

  1. You need to prepare the image to be edited first
  2. Make sure the image has a QR code before you start editing
  3. If you have selected an image with a QR code, the next step is to download the application for it move everything the QR code
  4. Take a screen shot of the QR code in the image you have chosen
  5. Open the QR code transfer application that you downloaded, then select Scan Gallery
  6. Select the QR code that you screenshot, then click the Completed option if the process is complete
  7. A notification will appear saying “Passcode Detected”, then check the location in the top right corner
  8. Select the text to open the browser on your device, then wait until the loading process is complete
  9. You will get a new appearance and continue by clicking Import in Alight Motion
  10. The project will be downloaded automatically
  11. Click Color & Fill if you want to replace the image when the new view opens
  12. Select or upload image the
  13. If you have successfully changed the image, click save
  14. The process of using the Alight Motion QR code has now been completed
  15. Your image or video editing is complete

Well, those are the things you should know about presets AM QR code (Alight Motion). How, it’s very easy to use the code presets from the Alight Motion application, isn’t it? Hopefully this information from Mimin here about QR code presets helps you!






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