Genshin Impact 4.0 Officially Released, Check Out What’s New?

Game News – Genshin Impact 4.0 was finally released by Hoyovers on August 16, 2023. There are a number of updates that fans can enjoy. Especially for players who use Android or iOS devices that can be downloaded with updates when the game starts.

Meanwhile, PlayStation and PC users must go through an update to the Genshin Impact client application. Later, you can download additional files for this latest version. The following is a review that you need to know.

One Free Genshin Impact 4.0 Character

For those of you who have updated, you can get a free character, namely Lynette, who is a magician with a sword from Fontaine. This character has four stars and elements in the form of Anemo or wind. How to get it, you just click the ‘Invite’ button on the ‘Event’ and ‘Magic Never Ends’ menu.

You can also get her older sister, Lyney. This character has five stars with the fire element or Pyro. His main weapon is a bow. To get it, you can do it via gacha or wish on a limited basis. If you follow Wish, then you need to spend 160 Primogems.

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Get 600 Primogems for Free

Apart from getting free characters, in the latest Genshin Impact 4.0 you can also get 600 Primogems for free or free. This Primogems award is given in exchange for server maintenance compensation of 300 Primogems. Then the rest is compensation due to problems or bugs in this latest version. In other words, if the total is 600 Primogems.

The developer says that Primogems can be claimed for free by players in the in-game inbox. The time limit for the claim process is 30 days. If it passes from this period, it cannot be used, alias it is forfeited.

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Latest Genshin Impact 4.0 Area

Overall, there are some updates in Genshin Impact 4.0. This can be seen from the theme it carries, namely “As Light Rain Falls Without Reason”. Where there is a new area known as Fontaine or the water nation (hydro element).

It is not surprising that in this area there are various elements, mechanisms, and buildings with a very clear element of water. For visuals, Fontaine is indeed different compared to other cities in Genshin Impact. Call it like Inazuma, Sumeru, Liyeu, and Mondstadt.

Inside Fontaine there are two areas, namely underwater and land areas. In underwater, players will get the newest ability, namely diving. Obviously, this is different from before where you could only swim. Geographically Fontaine’s location is in the northeast of the Sumeru desert and you can enter via Teleport Waypoint.

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New Monsters, Stories and Other Features

It’s not enough to stop there, another new thing in version 4.0 is the existence of a big monster or boss, namely the Icewind Suite. He is a monster robot figure in Fontraine that launches attacks on players. Another monster is the Armored Crabord that exists under the water Fontaine with a formidable defense.

Then, the feature updates that you can enjoy include fast loading, motion or gyroscopic sensors, and global illumination (GI). Likewise the World Quest, Archon Quest, and Character Story story missions, as well as various other new weapons.






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