Geek Target Cadera in MPL ID Season 12 After Defeating EVOS

Geek Cadera’s Target in MPL ID Season 12 After Defeating EVOS

Geek Fam successfully defeated EVOS Legends in a fierce battle on Friday 8 September 2023.

Geek Fam was not without gaps in this match because in the first game they were overwhelmed by EVOS who played with their new Douma Goldlaner.

His performance was quite good and he managed to get a triple kill using his Bruno, but unfortunately, at the moment of fighting for Lord, he was exposed and had to be hit by Onward from Luke and killed, making Geek gain momentum.

In the second game, Geek Fam dominated from the start, and Luke and his friends often gave taunting to EVOS Legends.

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Target Geek Fam M5?

After the win, Cadera, who was interviewed after the match, revealed Geek Fam’s target this season.

source: IG @geek.cadera

“Our main goal is M5, there are many mistakes going to M5,” said Cadera.

It turns out that Geek Fam’s goal for the season is M5. It makes perfect sense, especially since they are currently in third place and only 1 win point away from ONIC Esports who are above them. Of course it’s still very possible, especially since Geek Fam wants an M5 slot, for the upper bracket it’s still very possible for them to have.

Seeing that neat game against EVOS Legends was also very good even though their early game didn’t go well and was almost a one-sided game.

The discipline of Cadera and his colleagues allowed them to come back and immediately push straight and get a score of 1-0. After that they were able to maintain their rhythm and managed to win 2-0 straight away, at that time EVOS also brought Branz back and he used the hero Ixia.

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