Gacha Game Adapted into Anime

Majority gacha games which exist in smartphones have a stylish visual anime. Many of them have gameplay interesting ones, and some of them have interesting stories too. From there, players of course occasionally ask questions or daydream about what happens one day gacha games Their favorites have adaptations anime.

This dream is not wrong. Lots games which is not half-hearted in presenting cut-scene with cool animations. Not a few also released event trailers which is quite cool and even with decent visuals trailers A anime. After all, in fact, today there are already a lot of them gacha games which has been adapted so anime, some of which have had more than 20 episodes or even three different titles. If you’re curious, here are our seven recommendations that are worth watching.

1. Fate/Grand Order Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia

Serial Fate already have a lot animeand adaptation anime from gacha gameshis ie Fate/Grand: Order also not left behind in the list. The premise of the story is an adventure between the main character Ritsuka and his partner Shielder/Mash who go on a journey to face evil creatures. While traveling they meet many characters involved in the Holy Grail war.

In the end, that’s all anime Fate always revolves around the Holy Grail. But the story is always different, and one thing that is guaranteed is animation actionits always looks cool.

2. The Idolm@ster

Although difficult to access, The Idolm@ster is one of the gacha games themed idols which was very successful. GamesHe also invites you to develop young people so that they can become idols successful.

Animeit also tells the same story, namely the struggle of these children trying to become idols. Of course, the struggle is not easy, and animeit shows the difficulties and conflicts they have to face. The Idolm@ster has many titles anime that you can watch and although the premise is more or less similar, each involves different characters.

3. Love Live!

One more gacha games themed idols is serial Love Live! and similar to Idolm@sterserial games it also has many titles. So is serial animewhich has three titles, each involving different characters and of course telling a different story.

Main premise anime Love Live! are schoolchildren who for one reason or another want and have to create a group idols for his school. If you struggle as idols professionally is difficult, making it at school is of course even more difficult.

4. BanG Dream!

BanG Dream! bears some resemblance to Love Live! And Idolm@ster namely teenagers who want to succeed in the world of entertainment and music. Gameplaythere is also a slight similarity, namely rhythm games. The difference is the characters in BanG Dream! are children band who plays the instrument.

BanG Dream! also carries the same story premise, namely children band who are still very young try to express their interests on stage. But appropriate bands in the real world, achieve success as band will be full of trials and competition, even at a young age.

6. Uma Musume: Pretty Derby

premise Uma Musume as games nor anime at first glance it looks strange. Imagine a famous racehorse in Japan turning into a girl anime and you watch them fight to become champions in every race. Although the premise is unusual, games It is actually one of the most successful in Japan at the moment.

Adaptation anime Uma Musume also departs from the same premise. The difference is if it’s in games you have a lot to do with training every ‘horse’ you own, in animeyou see them fighting together and competing with each other. in short, Uma Musume So anime a sport complete with drama and dramatic moments.

7.Princess Connect! Re:Dive

At first glance, Princess Connect looks like games with interesting mechanisms and packaged in a light story premise. One of the main character motivations for exterminating monsters is culinary tourism. It is just guilds those he oversees may not be very competent.

anime adaptationIt also initially had the same premise and was full of comedic moments. But just like gameshis, as the story progresses a much more serious conflict then occurs and that’s when it is games This includes adaptation animeits so much more interesting.

8. Arknights: Prelude To Dawn

If you listened to the story, you should already know that Arknights always serious. Gameplaywhich brings new innovations to tower defense really challenges your ability to formulate strategies. While the story is full of tragedy and almost always deals with conflict.

Arknights anime adaptation take chapters prologue that takes place within games-his. Even though it may be the ‘weakest’ part of the story, the prologue still has important moments. Not only that, seasons the two will also proceed to chapters the next one is much more interesting.






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