For videos uploaded to YouTube, there are 240p and 480p options

OK, in this article we will provide information about new changes to the YouTube system. Where when we upload the video, when we watch it, the resolution is missing, namely 240p and 480p resolution, well this has been happening since January 1, 2023.

If it was uploaded a long time ago, meaning before 2023, the options for these two resolutions still appear as well as others starting from 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, and 1080p. Now we have tried uploading a new video to the YouTube channel in 2023. After it was finished, we checked the video quality options and it turned out that the 240p and 480p sizes were no longer available, whether we checked via the YouTube application or on the computer.

So why is it like that? We don’t have a definite reason for this, but maybe it’s just an assumption that it’s so that YouTube can save storage space. And also because maybe YouTube thinks that 240p and 480p resolutions are rarely chosen when playing videos by users.

Here I will not discuss why this happens, but we will try to show how new channels can upload videos to YouTube with the result being 240p and 480p options.

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This is how the videos we upload to YouTube appear in 240p and 480p resolution

Currently, when we upload a video to YouTube after it is finished, sometimes the 480p resolution option doesn’t appear even though the video we made already uses the standard HD size, namely 1920×1080. This size should be able to meet the requirements so that later the video will also be detected with a resolution of 480 pixels.

For beginner YouTubers in 2023, this might be a shock, but that’s the reality now. For channels that still have low subscribers, even when uploading HD size videos, the 480p option will not appear.

In contrast to channels that already have lots of subscribers such as artists, when making videos in HD size there will still be a 480p option. We don’t understand why it’s like that, but don’t worry, for those of you who still want the videos uploaded to YouTube to still have 240p and 480p resolution options, here’s how.

  1. It turns out this solution is very easy, we just need to edit the video as usual with the editing application that you often use.
  2. Then after the editing process is complete, export the video with resolution 1440p (2560×1440)
  3. That way, after the results are uploaded to YouTube, there will be a choice of 240p and 480p even if you use a new channel.

Indeed, 1440p (2k) is a fairly large video resolution so the rendering process will take longer than when setting the resolution to 1080p. But what if our channel is still small and has under 100 thousand subscribers, most likely if we use 1080p, the result will be that when the video is uploaded to YouTube there will be no 240p or 480p options.


That’s all, hopefully this can help answer and provide a solution for you beginner YouTubers who are starting to upload videos in 2023.






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