[FIX] How to deal with WhatsApp contacts not appearing

WhatsApp is a multi-purpose messaging application that we use to communicate every day. It could be said that almost all smartphone users have the WhatsApp application installed on their gadgets.

One of the conveniences offered by WhatsApp is synchronizing contacts from your cellphone to the application which is done automatically. Every contact saved on your cellphone will appear on WhatsApp complete with their name and profile photo.

Just like using other Android applications, when using WhatsApp we may also experience errors for no reason that we know for sure. One of them is a contact on WhatsApp that cannot be opened, the contact name does not appear, or cannot save new contacts.

On this occasion we will try to discuss what actually causes this problem and how to solve it.

Reasons why WhatsApp contacts don’t appear

To be able to find the right solution on how to solve this contact error on WhatsApp, we have to first find out what is actually causing it.

Some things that might be causing WhatsApp contacts not to appear are:

  • Contacts deleted from cellphone
  • Blocked contacts in the WhatsApp application
  • Corrupt contact application, this can result in not being able to save new contacts
  • The WhatsApp application has not been given access permission to contacts
  • The contact name does not appear because we have not saved the number

Try to research again what is the cause of the WhatsApp contact problem on your cellphone, guess which of the causes above is the source of the problem. If we already know, then we can move on to solutions that we can try to overcome it.

Solve contacts not appearing on WhatsApp

1. Check WhatsApp permission to access contacts

When we want to chat with someone and then we find that no contacts appear in the WhatsApp application, the cause could be an application permission problem.

When first installed, the WA application will ask for permission to access the contacts on our cellphone, but at any time this permission may be deleted due to a system error or bug. Therefore we need to double check.

How to allow WhatsApp to access contacts is very easy, first we go to the cellphone settings menu:

Settings > Apps > WhatsApp > Permissions > check Contact

Giving WhatsApp permission to access these contacts is almost the same on all brands of Android cellphones, be it Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, Asus, Realme, Nokia or Huawei.

Especially for iPhone users, the method is to go to: Settings > Privacy > Contacts > turn on the WhatsApp option

2. Check whether the contacts that do not appear are included in the block list

One of the effects of blocking a WhatsApp number is that the number will no longer appear on our WA contact list. Numbers that have been blocked are added to the blocked list and to open them we have to go into the settings.

So if one or more numbers are accidentally blocked, the contact’s name will no longer appear on WhatsApp. Therefore, don’t be confused if a contact on WhatsApp suddenly disappears, maybe you need to check to see if the number is blocked.

How to open the WhatsApp application then press the three dots in the top right corner of the application then select Settings > Account > Privacy > Blocked contacts.

See if there is a number that was accidentally blocked, causing it to suddenly disappear from your contact list, if so, immediately unblock the number. You do this by tapping once on the number in question then selecting unblock.

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3. Install the new contact application

WhatsApp contacts not appearing can also be caused by a corrupt or damaged contacts application, especially those that use third-party applications as the default contacts application on their cellphone. But it doesn’t rule out the possibility that the default contact application could also be error and corrupt.

Usually, corrupt contact applications have characteristics, such as not being able to save new contacts, contacts not being able to be opened, or when a call comes in, the contact name no longer appears but only the number. If this happens then the most likely cause of WhatsApp contacts not appearing is that the contacts application is damaged.

The way to overcome this is quite easy, we just have to install the new contact application. One of the contact applications that I recommend is the contact application from Google.

Download the Google Contacts App

After installing the Google Contacts application, the next step is to make the application the default contact application. The way to do this is to go to Settings > Apps > Contacts > Set as default.

Once finished, restart your cellphone first so that the system reloads. After the cellphone turns back on, open the WhatsApp application and see whether the lost contacts have appeared? Also try saving the new number to contacts, you should be able to do it now.

4. The number must be saved to contacts for the name to appear in WhatsApp

The main reason WhatsApp doesn’t have a contact name is that we haven’t saved the number that sent the message or called us. So WhatsApp contacts are the same as cellphone contacts, if the number has not been saved then the name will not appear.

If you have made sure the contact application is good, no numbers are blocked, you have allowed contact access but the contact name still doesn’t appear on WhatsApp, then you can be sure you haven’t saved the number.

5. Reinstall the WhatsApp application

The final solution if you have tried everything but it hasn’t worked is to reinstall the WhatsApp application. It is possible that the cause of contacts not appearing is because the WhatsApp application itself is corrupt or because you are using an unofficial WhatsApp application.

Don’t forget to backup all WhatsApp chats and media first so you don’t lose them, so later we just need to restore them to return them to normal.

The tutorial can be seen here:

How to backup WhatsApp contacts, chats and media

Also make sure the number used for WhatsApp is still active, because later when you log in we will be asked for verification. First check whether the number is still active, if it turns out the number is no longer active then use this method to solve it:

How to move a WhatsApp number whose number is no longer active

When everything is finished, try opening WhatsApp again and see if the contacts appear? Hopefully it works this time.

Those are some tips that I can share on how to solve various problems with WhatsApp contacts, I hope they can help.






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