Find a soul mate via WhatsApp online

Find a soul mate via WhatsApp – Maybe some of you are looking for a life partner through social media, be it Facebook, Instagram, chat applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram and so on.

It turns out that this has often been done by some people, because by having the WhatsApp number of the target partner they are looking for, the chances of getting to know each other will be greater.

Find a soul mate via WhatsApp online

Of course, you have to understand that if you get to know someone via social media, there is a possibility that you will meet a fake person, who is hiding their true identity. Understandably, if you meet someone new, they will be very careful, afraid that they might meet a bad person.

Hiding your identity when getting to know each other via WhatsApp can be the best way to avoid meeting someone who doesn’t suit you. For example, you get to know someone who posts a profile of a beautiful person, which is not necessarily their real photo.

Remember, this person could be a man, it could also be a woman who has a face that is not beautiful. this will very likely happen.

There are many ways to find a soul mate via WhatsApp, including:

  • By joining a matchmaking group via WhatsApp, of which there are lots out there
  • You can also ask for a girl’s WhatsApp number from your friend or relative
  • You can also randomize telephone numbers, if this doesn’t necessarily mean the number you get will match your wishes. It is possible that the number you random is a man’s number because it is a random search.
  • Get whatsapp number from facebook account
  • Get your partner’s WhatsApp number from a stray number to your number

Things you need to do to find a soul mate via WhatsApp

Finding a soul mate via WhatsApp is sometimes not as easy as you imagine. I want to get a beautiful and young girl. In fact, the number you get is an old mother’s number. Therefore, before you want to get to know someone, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the following things:

1. Create a WA account with a fake profile

If you use a fake profile you will avoid things you don’t want. Because of course, after you get to know each other and send WA messages, the step you take is to meet in person.

Now at this step, the point is to use a fake account so that you don’t easily get caught by someone you want to meet. if you use a fake account with a profile that is not really you. You can just go as you wish if the person you are meeting with doesn’t suit you.

It may seem evil to ask someone to meet you, but when you want to meet them and see the person’s physical appearance, you lose your feeling. But it doesn’t matter if you do this if you don’t want it.

2. Don’t use your main WhatsApp number when looking for a partner via WhatsApp

One thing you need to do before getting to know new people you don’t know is to use a second or third number instead of your main number.

This reduces the risk that your number will get interference from people you don’t know. for example, if you get to know someone and then ask them to meet you.

When you meet, you see that the person you are meeting with does not match your expectations. Most likely it will run away, right hehe. So, if the person you are meeting with feels like they have been lied to, they might spam comments on your main WhatsApp number.

You will get continuous incoming messages from that person, you will get mysterious calls that keep bothering you all the time.

In fact, it is very easy to avoid this, namely by blocking the number or you can also divert calls from that number. However, if someone feels hurt, they could use some other number which will disrupt your life.

So, if you use a second WA number whose function is not really used, you can deactivate that WhatsApp number easily and replace it with a new one just to avoid message spam, call spam and other things that can disrupt your life.

3. Don’t easily trust people you have just met, especially via WhatsApp chat media

Remember to always not easily trust someone you just met. even though his words are sweet and seem to be trustworthy. Many women are trapped by things like that.

It is in the nature of women that, with the persuasion of a sweet man, they will be easily attracted so that they can easily do whatever the man they just met tells them to do.

If the man is good, it doesn’t matter, the fear is if you meet a man who has evil intentions towards you, weak women. So don’t be surprised if you often hear news of sexual abuse and rape of women.

For this reason, you must always be careful and not easily trust someone. You have to instill it in yourself if you really want to find a soul mate via WhatsApp and via social media accounts online.

4. Don’t look for a serious partner online

Searching for a partner via WhatsApp online should not be taken too seriously, because you don’t necessarily understand the background and pedigree of the person you are just getting to know. But just do it for fun and don’t have high hopes for getting it.

It’s a good idea for you to look for a partner offline / meet in person, to avoid fraud and harassment that often occurs nowadays. although there are cases where there are couples who find their soul mate online via Facebook, then they exchange messages via WhatsApp and finally feel compatible and get married.

However, this is only a small part, in fact many people fail when they are in a relationship by relying on chat and telephone calls via WhatsApp. Therefore, if you are currently in an online relationship, always make sure that the WhatsApp profile account is a real account and invite a video call if it is true that the person is not a fake account.

Next, holding a meeting is a very important thing to do, so that you can get to know him more closely. It does take time to get to know your partner, by meeting each other frequently and communicating intensely, it doesn’t rule out the possibility that you can find a partner who suits you.

Remember when meeting new people, don’t give away your phone easily. because your WhatsApp number could be tapped without you knowing.


Maybe that’s all for my expressions and writings regarding the topic of finding a soul mate via WhatsApp that I can convey. Always be alert and careful with people you have just met or strangers so that you avoid unwanted things.

Thank you for reading the website article and see you again






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