Final Fantasy 8 Remastered: Many Changes and Official Trainers

Want to reminisce about PS1 games? Maybe Final Fantasy 8 Remastered could be the solution. Square Enix has recently been very diligent in making remastered Final Fantasy games. Starting from Final Fantasy IX, X/X-2, ). Is this a sign that Square Enix intends to add capital to make Final Fantasy VII Remake? Not necessarily either. Actually, it’s not just Square Enix that makes remastered games, many developers also do the same thing.

Final Fantasy 8 Remastered was released not long ago and sales were quite popular. At its release, Square Enix promoted this game quite creatively. For those of you who have played this game and remember the scene where Squall first meets Rinoa at a party after his mission to the city of Dollet, there is one sentence uttered by Rinoa, namely “you’re the best looking guy here.”

Because Square Enix knew that at the time of the PS1 the graphics were still not smooth, they made an advertisement where when Rinoa said that sentence, Squall’s face was zoomed in and compared between the PSX version and the remastered version. Square Enix apparently has a good sense of humor. So, on this occasion, Buddygame will discuss Final Fantasy 8 Remastered in more depth. Curious? Follow it until the end, okay?

Final Fantasy 8 Story Plot

For those of you who follow all the game stories Final Fantasy, definitely know the story presented by this eighth series. This game tells the story of a protagonist named Squall who is lying in a school infirmary due to an accident after his fight with his rival, Seifer Almasi. He woke up and an instructor named Quistis Trepe taught him several ways to fight against many monsters. This is where the main attraction of Final Fantasy 8, junction mode, is taught. Then after carrying out the first mission to get a GF (Guardian Force) or summon, he was given a big mission to go to an occupied city called Dollet to get the SeeD title. On this mission he is accompanied by his rival Seifer Almasi and his uncomfortable new friend, Zell Dintch. However, Seifer separated from the team and ignored what Balamb Garden officials ordered.

Squall and Zell meet a girl who met Squall before. The girl was named Selphie Tilmitt who finally joined their team. Selphie is a transfer student from Trabia Garden. After their battle against a monster and also a robot in the form of a spider, Squall, Zell, and Selphie received the title SeeD, and conversely, Seifer did not receive the title.

After the mission to get SeeD, Squall goes to a dance party and meets a beautiful girl named Rinoa. Rinoa asks him to dance and Squall turns out to be a bad dancer. After the dance party, the two of them were separated. Squall was curious about this mysterious girl. The party wasn’t over yet, and Quistis reported that he had given up his position as Balamb Garden instructor. That’s the outline of the Final Fantasy 8 story.

There are Slight Changes

Like its predecessor series, Final Fantasy 8 comes with a turn based battle system which is equipped with ATB or attack time battle. One of the interesting things about FF 8 is the Junction system. In this Junction system, you can set the mode in which you are prepared to fight. Apart from that, this system functions to strengthen FF 8 characters. Final Fantasy 8 has an interesting weapon upgrade feature. To upgrade weapons, you must have a magazine and also collect items to build these weapons. This Final Fantasy series also has a lot of summons. Each summon has its strength. Summon or GF (Guardian Force) not only functions to attack, but also functions to provide reflexes and also double attacks.

The remstered version itself still maintains the things that were in the original game. The battle system is still maintained. However, apart from making the graphics more detailed, there are several things that have been changed, such as the figure of one of the GFs, Siren, which is different from before. You won’t see Siren completely naked, this time, Siren looks more polite. She used a skirt to cover her private parts. Apart from that, for those of you who don’t want to take long to finish Final Fantasy 8, you can activate the trainer and turn on several cheats such as full GF, full items, and many more.


Even though it doesn’t seem too special, Final Fantasy 8 Remastered could be a series that can fill your time before Final Fantasy 7 Remake is released. Apart from that, this game can also be a collection on your Steam. However, unfortunately there is something that disappointed us, namely the resolution. Even though Square Enix has increased the resolution, the screen is not full screen.






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