FIFA 21 Review: Not Like Before

FIFA 21 – Even though the world is being hit by a pandemic like this, football is still one of the sports that is still running. This is because the demand for entertainment when many people are at home is increasing. Even though it requires physical contact, football must somehow continue as usual. Likewise with the game, namely FIFA 21. This sports game made by EA took an earlier start in the release of the latest season of soccer games compared to Konami with its Pro Evolution Soccer.

In the previous series, FIFA 20, FIFA fans had to face new gameplay mechanisms which for us were much more difficult. You have to use all the buttons on the gamepad (especially PS4) to play more optimally. This is what makes FIFA 20 feel very difficult to adapt for beginners and those who have been with this soccer franchise game from EA. Investigate a calibaration, this newest FIFA game is back with FIFA 19 gameplay mechanics. So, what are the new things and significant differences that are presented by EA in this newest soccer game?

FIFA 21 – Returning the Missing Aspect

At the start of the PS5 demo, FIFA 21 was one of the first wave of games released for the next gen console. However, because the current generation of consoles still has some time left, EA will still release this game on PS4, and of course it will be released earlier. First of all when talking about gameplay, there is something that was omitted that used to exist in FIFA 20, namely the off player movement which for some players this feature is quite troublesome.

This feature is quite troublesome because the mechanism is quite strange and boring. Players who are not holding the ball will appear static. They will remain silent and not look after the players or look for empty areas on the field. Indeed, this mechanism makes the players more cognitively active than in the previous series, but this makes FIFA 20 often frustrating for the players.

Apart from that, what is improved about this game is the AI ​​or artificial intelligence. For those of you who find FIFA 20 very frustrating because it is very difficult to attack, in this series the AI ​​attackers are smarter in finding the right position or avoiding offside when receiving passes. However, what is very unfortunate is the imbalance between the attacking AI and the defensive line. Defensive players are now very easily penetrated by opposing players or subject to counter attacks.

Therefore, you have to work hard manually guarding the defense so that your goal doesn’t concede. For some reason EA can’t provide a balance between attacking and defending AI. Our assumption is that EA hears more complaints about how difficult FIFA 20 is, where defenders are very difficult to penetrate, rather than making everything balanced. For you, breaking the opponent’s goal will feel easier.

Behind the lousy AI defenders, there are things that we think should be appreciated in this game, especially in terms of attack such as crosses or corrected headings so that the opportunity to score goals by heading or crossing is more open. We don’t feel that in FIFA 20. In FIFA 20, it feels very difficult to score goals through heading or crossing.

Apart from that, dribbling in this game looks more realistic compared to FIFA 20. Drag back here will feel like there is a longer delay and movement will look slower. This is very suitable for those of you who like to play with the style of checking your opponent by dribbling the ball.

Fresh New Features

Apart from the massively overhauled mechanics, EA also offers something new in this game, namely a new feature called VOLTA. Apart from having a Career Mode for those of you who want to play a soccer simulation game, you can play a new mode which we think is very fresh, namely street-style ball. Actually, this feature already exists in FIFA 20, however, a mechanical overhaul will certainly make changes to this mode. And, is this game worth buying? Actually, this game is quite feasible for you to try because of the improvements, especially in terms of gameplay. However, if you think the PS4 version is sloppy, just wait a few more months for the PS5 version.






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