Fate/Grand Order Revenue Reaches 10 Trillion Rupiah

There is a strong reason why developers are flocking to enter the mobile device market, even by leveraging their famous franchises on PC and console platforms. Not a few developers can see this huge opportunity.

With evidence showing that popular and successful mobile games can generate monthly revenues of tens of millions of USD, it is not surprising that the game Fate/Grand Order is also able to achieve the same feat.

Fate/Grand Order fantastic income

Fate Grand Order

With the number of users reaching billions worldwide, this game has succeeded in attracting the interest of many people and generating stable and consistent income. For those less familiar with the concept, games like Fate/Grand Order may seem simple and uninteresting.

What’s more, this game uses a two-dimensional character-based RPG concept to generate profits. However, this is precisely what makes Fate/Grand Order a success. Even though its relevance was doubted and threatened by the booming popularity of new mobile games, Fate/Grand Order continues to maintain its popularity.

This game has managed to achieve revenue of 1 Trillion Yen or around 10 Trillion Rupiah since its launch in 2015. Based on information from SensorTower, this success was achieved through an annual event that has been running for 8 years and has contributed greatly to their income.

Fate/Grand Order even became the game with the highest revenue on the iOS App Store in August 2023. With continued content support, it is not surprising that Fate/Grand Order’s revenue continues to increase.

This revenue is predicted to continue to increase over time, if the developers consistently make updates to their games.






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