Fast and Cheap Online Document Translation Services at Universitas123

Sworn translators are language experts who have taken and passed various legal text translator qualification tests held by the International Language Institute. Then, after they graduate, they will be sworn in by the Governor of Indonesia.

After that, they are allowed to open services Sworn Translation Servicesbecause they have done various tests and so on, they definitely have a good ability to translate various languages.

There are many translation services out there, therefore if you want to look for a sworn translation service you have to choose one that is certified or has guaranteed results.

Reasons why you should choose a document translator at Universitas123

Universitas123 is an educational platform in Indonesia, there are various collections of information such as scholarships and college registration. Apart from that, Universitas123 now also provides sworn translation services.

Has a Sworn Translator

Universitas123 already has sworn translators, so of course the results are guaranteed because sworn translators are translators who have taken exams held by the Indonesian Language Institute and have been sworn in by the Governor.

Cheap and guaranteed results

The cost of a translator at Universitas123 is quite cheap, because the cost only starts from Rp. 45,000 per sheet. Even though the costs are cheap, the results provided are also very guaranteed, so those of you who want to translate documents can directly visit the Services website University Sworn Translator123.

Fast work

Sometimes we need documents that have been translated suddenly, therefore we also have to choose a document translation service that works quickly.

At Universitas123 translators, the processing time only takes 2 to 3 working days (excluding holidays or Saturdays, Sundays).

Easy and effective

Now you don’t need to bother translating your documents, because now Universitas123 is here to help you translate the documents you need. Registering for courses and translating the required documents can now be done in one place.

How to do this is quite easy, first you have to log in to the Universitas123 website, then fill in the form. The form consists of your full name, email, the language of your file that you want to translate, and what language you want to translate it into. Then you just upload your file, then later you will also get an invoice for the costs.

Apart from softcopy, if you need it printed, you can also request a hardcopy or printed version. For shipping costs for translation (hard copy) above 5 sheets, shipping is free.

That’s my review of the University123 Sworn Translation Services, if you are interested, check out more complete information on the website. Hopefully this article is useful, and see you next article.






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