Fairphone 5 Review: Eco-Friendly Phone With Focus On Repair Policy

Smartphones are no longer just communication devices, but also represent a statement about how we care about the environment and society. Fairphone 5, the successor to Fairphone 4, is a concrete example of commitment to sustainability and mobile improvement.

In this article, we will explore the Fairphone 5 from various points of view, from design, specifications, to the environmental impact and price it offers.

Sustainable Design

The Fairphone 5 has a simple design, with a body thickness of 9.6mm and curved corners and edges. One interesting aspect of the phone is its transparent version which allows us to see the removable battery and thoughtful modular design underneath. In addition to the transparent version, there are also simpler black and blue models.

Although it feels a bit heavy at 212g, the phone is only IP55 rated for dust and water resistance, so it’s worth keeping out of the water. This is understandable considering that this cellphone is designed to be disassembled and reassembled by the owner.

The Fairphone comes in recyclable packaging, but without a charging cable or adapter, or even a screwdriver. You have to buy it separately if you want to disassemble this phone.

Screen & Performance

Fairphone 5 is the first Fairphone cellphone with an OLED screen. The display is bright and sharp with a resolution of 1224 x 2770, as well as a 90Hz refresh rate for smoother viewing in apps and text scrolling. While the screen is quite good, there’s no denying that higher quality panels are available for the same price.

However, what’s interesting is the many customization options in the screen settings, including three changeable color modes, a blue light filter, and a reading mode that provides a paper-like appearance for longer reading sessions.

Specifications & Performance

Fairphone 5 uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon QCM6490 chipset which is rarely used in smartphones. This decision was taken for a unique reason, namely to support eight years of software updates. However, its current performance is not very satisfactory, with frequent lags and obstacles in basic use.

Camera & Video

The Fairphone 5’s camera is adequate, but nothing special. This phone uses three 50Mp sensors for the main, ultrawide and selfie cameras, although the hardware is different. The main camera uses a Sony IMX800 sensor and produces clear photos in good lighting conditions.

Battery Life & Charging

One of the advantages of the Fairphone 5 is its removable battery. However, unfortunately, battery life isn’t amazing. The phone only lasted a day with moderate to heavy use, and its 4,200mAh battery capacity is slightly smaller than mid-range Android phones which generally have 5,000mAh capacities.

Software & Features

The Fairphone offers five Android platform updates and at least eight years of security updates. It’s a commendable commitment, although the question is how well the hardware can keep up with that promise.

The Fairphone 5 runs pure Android with no bloatware and uses Google apps for everything. It provides users with a clean and hassle-free Android experience.

Price & Availability

The Fairphone 5 is priced at around £649 or €699 (Rp. 12 million), and will go on sale on September 14 2023. Price-wise, the Fairphone 5 may seem more expensive compared to phones that offer better performance in terms of performance and camera. .

However, when you buy a Fairphone, you are also supporting a mission to protect the environment and reduce electronic waste. So, the price is commensurate with your commitment to sustainability and cellphone repair.

The Fairphone 5 is an attractive phone with a sustainable design and commitment to device improvement. However, there are some compromises in terms of performance and screen quality that need to be taken into account.

For those who want to invest in a phone that is environmentally friendly and supports a repair policy, the Fairphone 5 might be the right choice. However, for those looking for higher performance, there are other options to consider.






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