EVOS Divine Successfully Tops Week 1 FFML Season VI Division 1!

Hi Booyah Friends!

Last week, Free Fire Indonesia’s highest stage was finally presented again. 18 teams appeared again to show who is truly the king in FFML Season VI Division 1.

On Matchday 3, the 12 teams scheduled to play yesterday showed their strength again. One of them is EVOS Divine which has a mission to seize the throne of the standings from G Arsy Aphrodite.

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The progress of FFML Season VI Division 1 itself is still being presented with surprise promotion teams. This time, Dragon Phoenix gave another surprise by successfully securing 1 Booyah on Matchday 3.

The only team that managed to get Booyah more than once was the Island of Gods team. Even more interesting, the Booyah that Azriel and his friends got was Booyah back to back.

Meanwhile, on the other hand, EVOS Divine succeeded in showing how classy Booyah is. EVOS MR05, who was forced into a one-on-two position on the Match 7 Purgatory Map, successfully demonstrated how smart the game was by successfully matching 2 AURA Ignite players to get Booyah.

For more details, here is a list of teams that managed to get Booyah on Matchday 3 FFML Season VI Division 1:

  • Round 1 (Bermuda): ONIC Olympus
  • Round 2 (Kalahari): AURA Ignite
  • Round 3 (Purgatory): DragonPhoenix
  • Round 4 (Alpines): VOIN Ordinary
  • Round 5 (Bermuda): Island of Gods
  • Round 6 (Kalahari): Island of Gods
  • Round 7 (Purgatory): EVOS Divine
  • Round 8 (Alpines): Tabor Rebellion

Stable game play and a kill harvest of up to 64 kills, made EVOS Divine crowned king on Matchday 3 FFML Season VI Division 1 with 121 points, far ahead of the teams below it.

These results also had an impact on the Overall Standings of FFML Season VI Division 1 where they succeeded in shifting the top of the standings from G Arsy Aphrodite while EVOS Divine emerged as the top in Week 1.

Of course, Week 1 is not a reflection of the overall results of the tournament. There are still many things that can happen later in FFML Season VI Division 1 which still has 3 weeks and 9 Matchdays remaining.

Therefore, don’t let Booyah Friends miss the excitement of FFML Season VI Division 1 which will take place every Friday, Saturday and Sunday and will be broadcast live via YouTube FF Esports ID!

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