Everything You Need to Know About Rebecca Cyberpunk

Rebecca Cyberpunk is a character from the anime series Cyberpunk: Edgerunners which was first released on Netflix on September 13 2022.

The Edgerunners anime series is a prequel spin-off from Cyberpunk 2077 which is an action adventure RPG game with an open-world concept developed and released by CD Projekt RED in 2020.

This game has many unique characters, one of which is Rebecca. So, for those of you who want to know more about this character, you can read this article until the end, okay?

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Rebecca Cyberpunk Profile

Rebecca Cyberpunk Profile. Source: Kakuchopurei/Youtube

Rebecca is a secondary character and a Solo in Cyberpunk: Edgerunners. She is known as a young woman with a sharp mouth and a tendency towards extreme, unpredictable nature.

Despite her nature, Rebecca is also known to be loyal and willing to do anything for the Maine crew, including helping newcomer David Martinez.

Rebecca herself first met and worked with David Martinez during a limousine theft mission. Where he is tasked with diverting the attention of Maxim, a Solo who works for the Arasaka company.

Rebecca has more feelings for David, where she said that she didn’t want to play around as just a friend.

He also made sarcastic comments to Kiwi for changing her appearance and personality to be more like David’s girlfriend, Lucy.

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Rebecca Cyberpunk Appearance

Rebecca’s appearance. Source: Our

Rebecca has a short body with smooth white skin which contrasts sharply with the pink tattoos on her neck, stomach and right thigh.

For clothing, Rebecca Cyberpunk prefers something simple like a set of underwear covered by a black jacket with a high collar. He also likes to wear a pair of sneakers in his daily life.

Apart from jackets and shoes, Rebecca likes to tie her green hair up in a ponytail with two hair ribbons. Recently, Rebecca likes to imitate the appearance of her sister, Pilar, by using weapons cyberarms the oversized one in red and blue.

Rebecca was previously an edgerunner from Night City who always fought with Pilar, her older sister. The two brothers often pair up with Maine and other crew members to become mercenaries.

They are often in the same team even though outside of work Rebecca and Pilar often fight. This often happens because of Pilar’s provocative nature.

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Trending With the Headline “The Loli Must Stay”

Loli Must Stay movement for Rebecca on Twitter. Source: Twitter

It turns out that Rebecca was proposed not to appear in the anime series Cyberpunk: Edgerunners. It turns out that there are several members of the CD Projekt RED developer who do not approve of the presence of this character in the anime.

They reasoned that Rebecca was a Loli character who was not suitable to appear in Night City. Fortunately, Studio Trigger insisted on keeping this character from appearing in the anime.

Knowing this, many fans voiced their protests so that the character Rebecca would still appear in the anime by creating the headline “The Loli Must Stay”.

Twitter at that time became quite busy with Rebecca memes and tweets containing their wishes for this character not to be removed.

The movement “The Loli Must Stay” then went viral and produced sweet results. As we can see, Rebecca’s character was successfully maintained and became one of the iconic characters labeled as “best girl“.

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Well, that’s the article about everything you need to know about Rebecca Cyberpunk. Have you watched the anime on Netflix yet?

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