Everything You Need to Know About Minecraft Cats

Cats are one of the animal mobs in the game genre made by Mojang Studios, namely Minecraft.

Mobs themselves have the same function as NPC characters. There are several types of mobs such as villageraggressive, and passive.

This article will discuss the cat mob in Minecraft and its interesting trivia. Curious? Come on, see in the article below, OK!

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Everything You Need to Know about Minecraft Cats

Just like in the real world, there are two types of cats in Minecraft. The first is wild cats and cats that have been tamed. What do you need to know about this cute animal?

Types of Cats in Minecraft

Types of cats in Minecraft. Source: iDeactivateMC/Youtube

Cats and ocelots have the same shape, but cats are smaller than ocelots. Currently there are 11 types of cats that you can meet in Minecraft, namely:

  • Black (is black with orange eyes)
  • British Shorthair (silver with yellow eyes)
  • Calico (mixed orange, white and dark brown with yellow and blue eyes)
  • Jellie (grey and white with grey-green eyes)
  • Persian (cream colored with blue eyes and a flat face)
  • Ragdoll (smooth white and yellow with blue eyes)
  • Red (in orange and white with green eyes)
  • Siamese (white and pale brown with blue eyes)
  • Tabby (brown and white with green eyes)
  • White (white with bright blue and yellow eyes)

Like wolves that have been tamed, cats will also have a collar around their necks after being successfully tamed.

Locations and Items Cats Carry in Minecraft

Where cats appear in Minecraft. Source: iDeactivateMC/Youtube

Cats can appear every 1 minute at a distance of approximately 8 to 32 blocks from the player in a random location. To find it, you can look for cats near rural areas and huts in swamps.

Stray cats can appear in rural areas as long as there are at least 5 mattresses within 48 blocks. The maximum number of cats that can appear from a 97x17x97 area is 4.

A cat that appears in the village will have a random appearance whereas during a full moon, only black cats will appear. This animal has a 25 percent chance of appearing as a kitten.

Adult cats can give up to 2 String items and 1 – 3 Experience Orbs when they are killed by players or tamed wolves. You will not get any items if you kill a kitten.

Nature and Behavior of Cats

Cats love to bring gifts to players who tame them. Source: iDeactivateMC/Youtube

Like in the real world, cats in this game are also resistant to damage caused by falling. Even so, they still avoided high hills so as not to fall from there.

Cats can still see players even if you have the Invisibility status effect. Kittens do not have any different characteristics from their adult counterparts except for their speed.

They will hiss at Creepers and ghosts that are chasing a player. Creepers and ghosts will maintain a distance of 6 to 16 blocks from any type of cat.

Therefore, you can tame this cute animal to help keep creepers and ghosts away from you.

Tamed cats like to bring gifts when the player who tamed them is asleep. Gifts given by cats include raw chicken and thread.

How to Tame a Cat in Minecraft

How to tame a cat in Minecraft. Source: iDeactivateMC/Youtube

To tame wild cats, you can give them raw cod or salmon. You have to continue holding the item while getting closer to the cat so they don’t run away.

Once tamed, they will follow wherever the player who tamed them goes. Cats will no longer be afraid of you. They will also meow and purr near you.

Just like wolves, cats can also teleport to a player who moves 12 blocks away from them.

You can tell a cat to do tricks such as sitting or standing by pressing the “use” option on them.

If you are holding cod or salmon and tell them to sit or stand and give them a fish afterwards, the cat will enter love mode.

When in this mode, you can tell a cat to sit or stand while holding the fish that has been given.

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Well, that’s the article about everything you need to know about cats in Minecraft. So, are you interested in taming this animal?

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