(Esports President’s Cup 2023) Caster Gio Predicts RRQ Mika Losing at the Hands of MBR Delphyne

The 2023 Esports President’s Cup Tournament is a non-publisher which also involves three games at once. Interestingly, competitive Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Ladies is now present for the first time and has entered the stage playoffs.

If you look at the round bracket playoffsthere are five teams that will compete to get the slot main event Esports President’s Cup 2023. Interestingly, the Upper Final match brackets between MBR Delphyne and RRQ Mika was one of the hot matches.

(Esports President’s Cup 2023) Casters Gio predicts RRQ Mika will lose to MBR Delphyne

Caster Gio at the 2023 Esports President’s Cup. via We

Because, both of them have more or less the same record. In fact, from yesterday’s Group Stage round, the two of them met and got a draw of 1-1. So there is clear evidence that RRQ Mika and MBR Delphyne have similar strengths.

However, Gio as caster Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Ladies saw that RRQ Mika would have difficulties when facing the battle against MBR Delphyne in the Upper Bracket Final later. According to him, changing players too often is one of the inhibiting factors that occurs within roster.

Final upper half playoffs, I obviously hold the Delphyne MBR though. The thing is, this team from the Stage Group already looks strong. Apart from that, without realizing it, only MBR Delphyne can balance it gameplay from Bigetron Era. “RRQ Mika also changes players too often, so it’s not optimal,” he said casters Gio through an exclusive interview session with We.

Mobile Legends Playoffs: Bang Bang Ladies. via We

Until now, the journey to the Grand Final is still quite long. However, it is very interesting to follow the journey of the round Mobile Legends playoffs: Bang Bang Ladies 2023 Esports President’s Cup.


All matches in the 2023 Esports Presidential Cup are supported by Samsung Indonesia. This leading technology company also has the Samsung Galaxy A34 & A54 Series 5G cellphones, which are of course very comfortable for gaming.

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