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Hello buddy! There is good news for those of you who have been dreaming of an electric motorbike. Why are you happy? Because there is Sunrace New F1, a domestic product that offers many advantages. Come on, let’s discuss one by one what makes this motorbike special.

Latest Sunrace New F1 Specifications

Guys, the specifications of the Sunrace New F1 are really next level! Come on, let’s go deeper into each aspect:

1000 Watt Machine

Using a 1000 watt engine, the Sunrace New F1 can reach a top speed of up to 60 km/hour. Fast enough for an electric motorbike, right? This could be the right choice for friends who don’t want to get stuck in traffic and need fast acceleration.

Battery 48 Volt, 20 Ah

The battery has a capacity of 48 volts, 20 Ah, which means it can cover a distance of up to 80 km on a single charge. So, you don’t need to worry about running out of battery in the middle of the road. Moreover, the battery charging process is also quite fast, so you can be more efficient in your daily mobility.

Dimensions and Weight

As for size, this motorbike has the right dimensions. Length 180 cm, width 70 cm and height 110 cm. It only weighs around 75 kg. This makes it easy to control and park. Very suitable for needs in urban areas where there are often traffic jams and minimal parking!

Tubeless Tires 90/90-12

One of the features that makes driving more comfortable is the use of tubeless tires measuring 90/90-12. This type of tire is puncture-resistant and provides good traction in various road conditions, friends!

With all these features and specifications, the Sunrace New F1 is really suitable for those of you who are looking for an electric motorbike with high performance but still efficient.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Sunrace New F1

Guys, every product definitely has positive and negative sides, including this electric motorbike. The following are the advantages and disadvantages that you can consider before deciding to buy.


Cost Effective

First, in terms of operational costs, the Sunrace New F1 is super economical, guys. Because you don’t need petrol and routine maintenance such as oil changes, you can focus more on allocating funds for other things.


Second, this motorbike is environmentally friendly or eco-friendly. There are no exhaust emissions that can pollute the air. So, apart from speeding, you have also contributed to protecting our earth. Two thumbs up!

Cool Design

Third, the cool design with dominant black and red colors, plus xenon lights, makes your appearance on the road even more eye-catching. Friends will be the center of attention!


Battery Range: More Suitable for Urban Areas

When talking about shortcomings, perhaps the most striking is the battery range. Even though it can cover a distance of up to 80 km, the Sunrace New F1 is more suitable for mobility within the city. So, if you are planning to travel long distance, maybe you need to think twice, OK?

So, those are the advantages and disadvantages of Sunrace New F1. By considering all these factors, you can be wiser in making decisions.

Performance of the Sunrace New F1 Motorcycle in Road Tests

Guys, speaking of performance, this electric motorbike really provides a fantastic riding experience. It’s not enough just to look at the specifications paper, we’ve also tried the test drive. The result? Come on, check it out!

Acceleration: A Blow Off Start!

First, let’s talk about acceleration. Friends, you no longer need to worry about getting stuck at a red light. As soon as the gas pedal is pressed, the Sunrace New F1 immediately drives responsively. Not only that, the transition from low to high speed is also smooth. Very smooth!

Handling: Comfortable and Agile

Next, about handling. The ergonomic design means you won’t feel sore even if you have to pass through traffic jams in the capital. Plus, its weight of only 75 kg makes this motorbike easy to control. Isn’t it fun?

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Hydraulic Disc Brakes: Guaranteed Safety

Last but not least, you should also know that the Sunrace New F1 is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes at the front and rear. Its function? Provides optimal and safe braking. So, you no longer need to worry about safety while driving.

The performance of the Sunrace New F1 is not only promising on paper, but also proves it on the road. Steady acceleration, comfortable handling and safe brakes.

Sunrace New F1 Security Features

Guys! Who can’t wait to know more about the safety features on this motorbike? If you are still in doubt, read our review first. Spoiler alert: this electric motorbike doesn’t play around when it comes to safety!

USB Ports

First, there is a USB port feature which makes the Sunrace New F1 even more modern. You can charge your smartphone or other gadget while traveling. Not only that, this feature can also be used as an alternative if you lose your motorbike key. More practical, right?

Digital Speedometer

The next feature we discuss is the digital speedometer. Apart from being informative, it also looks very futuristic. You can see all important information, such as speed, distance traveled and battery level, in real-time. Not only that, the modern design makes the dashboard look even cooler!

Alarm: Extra Security for Your Favorite Motorbike

Well, here is one of the most important features, namely the alarm. Its function is not just to warn you if someone tries to tamper with your motorbike. This alarm can also be controlled via smartphone, you know. So, the safety of your favorite motorbike is more guaranteed.

Remote Key

Last, but not least, is the remote key. Friends, you no longer need to bother carrying around physical keys that can be lost or damaged. With this remote key, just press a button and the motorbike will immediately turn on or off. Simple and safe!

With all these advanced safety features, there is no longer any reason to hesitate to choose the Sunrace New F1 as your electric motorbike of choice. Apart from being safe, these features also add comfort and convenience while driving.

Price of the Sunrace New F1 motorbike in Indonesia

Surely many people are really curious, ‘How much does this Sunrace New F1 electric motorbike cost?’ Well, no need to be curious anymore, because the answer makes all of our eyes pop: only IDR 13 million! Seriously, guys. This is not a typo or joke!

Remember, we are talking about an electric motorbike that has a speed of 60 km/hour and a battery life of up to 80 km, you know. So, Rp. 13 million is actually not that expensive if you think about it. Apart from that, the Sunrace New F1 is also equipped with top-notch safety and comfort features. So, everything is worth the price.

Sunrace New F1 Buying Guide

Guys, are you ready to switch to Sunrace New F1? So, for friends who just want to try an electric motorbike and are interested in riding this electric motorbike, check out this buying guide!

First Step: Visit the Official Sunrace Website

It’s really easy, you just open the Sunrace website at www.sunrace.co.id. There, you will find all the information you need. Starting from detailed specifications, features, to testimonials from other users who have already enjoyed the Sunrace New F1.

Step Two: Select and Order

Once you are sure of your choice, just click on the option to place an order. Follow the instructions, then there will be an option to pay a down payment as a token of completion. This DP is proof of your seriousness, guys. Don’t worry, the process is easy!

Step Three: Patiently Wait

Yep, after placing an order and paying the down payment, you have to be patient. Why? Because your dream motorbike will be sent directly to the address you have specified in about one month.

Fourth Step: Acceptance and Condition Check

So, when your dream motorbike arrives, don’t forget to check its condition, friend. Make sure everything is as stated on the website, including security features and other specifications.

Bonus Tip: Visit the Official Sunrace Store

If you are the type who can’t wait and want to see the goods in person, you can visit official Sunrace stores which are spread across various cities. Apart from that, at this official shop you can freely ask questions and try the motorbike before deciding to buy.

That’s the complete guide for friends who are still beginners in the world of electric motorbikes. The purchasing process is very simple and not complicated.

Comparison of Sunrace New F1 vs Competitors

Come on, guys, let’s compare the Sunrace New F1 with its competitors! So that you can be more confident that this motorbike is indeed the right choice.

An affordable price

Price is one of the main factors in choosing a motorbike, right? So, here the Sunrace New F1 is superior at a price of only IDR 13 million! Meanwhile competitors usually offer higher prices for similar features and specifications. Really worth it!

Futuristic Design

When it comes to design, the Sunrace New F1 makes you look cool and different on the road. The dominant black and red colors, plus xenon lights make your appearance even better. Competitors? Many people still follow conventional designs, guys.

Complete Features

This is what makes Sunrace New F1 a champion! The features are complete, starting from a USB port, digital speedometer, alarm and remote key. Meanwhile, competitors usually only offer one or two features. With Sunrace New F1, you get the complete package!

Eco-Friendly and Cost Effective

Want to be more environmentally friendly? Sunrace New F1 is the answer. Apart from that, because it requires minimal maintenance, you can save more on your pocket. Other competitors? Some still use batteries that are less efficient and require more maintenance.


Every product definitely has shortcomings, including the Sunrace New F1. The battery range is more suitable for city use. But hey, if you’re a city user, this isn’t a big deal, right?

So, guys, after we compare, it’s clear why the Sunrace New F1 deserves to be your choice? In terms of price, features and design, this motorbike is superior.

Tips for Maintenance of the New Sunrace F1 Electric Motorcycle

Come on, friends, listen to these maintenance tips so that your Sunrace New F1 remains durable and good looking. Want to know how? Keep reading, OK!

Check Battery Condition

One of the most important things in maintaining an electric motorbike is the battery. Make sure you regularly check the condition of the battery. Don’t let the battery run out and keep charging it without controlling it, otherwise the battery could quickly be damaged.

Follow the Manufacturer’s Instructions

This is important, guys! Always follow the manufacturer’s care instructions. From charging the battery to maintaining other components. If the manufacturer has told you how, that’s fine, just follow it!

Routinely check brakes and lights

Because of its sophisticated features, including hydraulic disc brakes and xenon lights, make sure you also regularly check and maintain this part. Don’t you want the brakes to suddenly fail or the lights to go out while you’re speeding?

Use Original Charger

Want a long-lasting battery? Always use the original charger when charging the battery. Fake chargers can damage the battery and affect your motorbike’s performance.

Store in a Safe Place

Don’t forget, store your motorbike in a safe place and avoid extreme weather. Remember, electronic components don’t like being exposed to water or hot sun for too long.

So, those are the maintenance tips for your Sunrace New F1. Proper maintenance can make your motorbike last longer and remain comfortable for riding. So, don’t be lazy about taking care of it, OK!


Friends, if you are looking for a versatile electric motorbike, this Sunrace New F1 could be the right choice. In terms of performance, design, to security features, everything is complete! Plus, the relatively affordable price of IDR 13 million makes this motorbike even more worth buying.

Not only that, this motorbike is also environmentally friendly and saves maintenance costs. So, you can look cool on the street while contributing to our earth. Sure, there are some flaws, but what is perfect? The important thing is that the advantages can cover the disadvantages.

So what are you waiting for? If you are already interested, let’s order directly via the Sunrace website. After that, just wait for your dream motorbike to arrive and be ready to accompany you on your adventure!

Hopefully this article can be a guide for you in choosing a suitable electric motorbike. Stay tuned for other interesting reviews. See you in the next article, OK!

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