Eggy Party Released in SEA Region, Presents “Rock and Roll” Event

Eggy Party is finally available in regions SEA, and new fans can jump right into the action as a part of events music themed game, namely Rock and Roll.

Eggy Party has reached new horizons, where NetEase Games, division online game from NetEase, Inc announced that the game will be officially released in Southeast Asia on September 8 2023, available in Thai, Indonesian, Malaysian, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and English.

Eggy Party Officially Released in the SEA Region Together with the Seasonal Event “Rock and Roll”

Photo: Eggy Party

Player who is in regions SEA and those who have pre-registered for the Eggy Party game will not only get special prizes when it is released, but they will also be able to take part events in-game seasonality i.e. Rock and Roll from day one, where they will be able to get gears themed music for the Eggies.

Eggy Party is a competitive game multiplayer available for Android and iOS devices. These cute Eggies inhabit the world of Eggy Party, and you’ll get your own Eggy, who you can dress up in amazing outfits while taking part in the fun. events together player other.

In Eggy Party, the goal of the game is to survive in a series minigames, where the number of players is slashed every round in an eccentric game of survival, each player must aim to be the last surviving Eggy. There are also modes creator completely for you to play with, like Eggy Workshop which lets players design levels challenge yourself, so you can share it with players around the world and let them try to conquer your sneaky creations.

Continuing the successful release on regions others, Eggy Party released on regions SEA on September 8th. Now that Eggy Party has been released in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Timor Leste, those who have pre-registered will get a great deal benefitsthe following prizes will be available depending on the number of people who have registered:

  • Bottle Cap: 4000 Pre-registered Participants
  • 50 Fashion Badges: 20,000 Pre-registered Participants
  • Limited Edition Outfit: 40,000 Pre-registration Participants
  • Limited Edition Avatar Name Frame: 80,000 Pre-registered Participants
  • 10 Bottle Cap Mystery Box Draw: 200,000 Pre-registration Participants

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Release Together with 7 New Music Themed Map

Photo: Eggy party

New players in the SEA region will be able to join immediately events Seasonal Eggy Party Rock and Roll, features 7 folder new to the game, among others Just Dance, MusicBox, Sonic Sprint, Feel the Beat, and much more! If you play in folder Currently, you can participate in the Rock Roll Season Activity Task, earning Music Notes, which you can exchange for Rock Coins to purchase outfits and accessories, including Top Hits Kids And MusicPlayer.

Also, if you do topup within the duration of the Rock and Roll season, you can get benefits topupwith a total of 66 Shining Coins that can be claimed. Topup in any amount when the duration events Rock and Roll can also provide outfits Cowie And Wow action.

Various Attractive Outfits Await

Many prizes and unlockable items are waiting for you on events seasonal Rock and Roll. Included is the Rock and Roll Season Mystery Box, which can give you a chance to win outfits new to your Eggy, like Obsidian – Main Vocalist, Carol – The Guitarist, And Robot – Drummer. And there is also a Rock and Roll Seasonal Ranked Party prize, which completing the Egg Rank Task will give you outfits Spring Diaryaccessories Mini keyboardAnd Loyal Fans Avatar Frames!

The Rock and Roll Season Party Pass is coming soon, letting you unlock some outfits and accessories by completing Special Activity Tasks. After the task is completed, the clothes are like Doge Drake – the MixologistAnd Green Leaf Frog, as well as Shiniy Coins and Egg Coins. If you have already taken the Take the Cake Season Party Pass. So whatever exp the remaining ones will be automatically exchanged for the fashion badge when server maintenance For events Rock and Roll begins.

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Many interesting events to take part in

Among all the excitement in Eggy Party that we have discussed, comes the What the Duck game, where events will be present from the 8th to the 21st of September.

A events special is also running, as To Arms, Eggies! Will last until September 21. In events At this point, completing a special task will give you three outfits Extraordinary: Jade Spear, Palace of Sword & HeartAnd Valley of Flowers Doctor. When events this is going on, there will be discounts for outfits swag Purple Sky Fairywhich you can have with only 60 Egg Coins!

Lastly, Eggy party will host a collaboration with cute Bubble Egg toys as part of the event which runs until September 14. In this seemingly fitting collaboration, Bubble Eggs visits Eggy Island and hangs out with the Eggies. You can have this collaboration forever for just 640 Egg Coins, by creating an Egg Paradise in your game.

There are so many things you can try at Eggy Party right now and it’s hard to keep track of them all. Starting from collaboration to events special to introduce player new from around the world, September 2023 can be said to be the biggest month for Eggy Party, and all of that is just the beginning. So don’t forget to download Eggy Party from the App Store or Google Play and follow this game on their official social media to be part of the game eggscelent This year.

To get more information about Eggy Party, you can visit their official website here, Twitter at hereYouTube here, Facebook here, Instagram here, TikTok @eggypartysea2023, and Discord here.

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