Eggy Party Game Made by NetEase Officially Released in Southeast Asia

Hi, gamers! Good news comes to you in the Southeast Asia region. NetEase Games has officially launched their exciting game, Eggy Party, which will present lots of prizes for players who have registered beforehand. Along with this regional launch, there is also a Rock and Roll season event full of music-themed equipment that you can get to dress up your Eggies characters.

Eggy Party is a competitive multiplayer game that will take you into a world full of excitement. You have to survive and compete in a series of exciting mini games. Each round of this survival game will test your strength and resilience until only one Eggies is left standing.

However, if you prefer to express your creativity, you can do so in creator mode and design your own levels in Eggy Workshop.

The Rock and Roll season event will also make this regional launch even more exciting with the presence of 7 new maps, Rock and Roll season activity tasks, and lots of additional benefits such as Cowie outfits and Waacking actions that you can get. To top it all off, the What the Duck game will run until September 21 along with the To Arms, Eggies event!

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“Eggy Party is one of our game innovations that will be present in Southeast Asia. The launch of this game in this region shows our strong commitment to providing the best gaming experience to players around the world.

We have not only expanded geographically, but also forged lasting relationships with our global community of players. “This step has great meaning for us, because it is a bold leap into the future,” said Ethan Wang, Senior Vice President of NetEase Inc.

Now, get ready to join in the unforgettable Eggies party fun at Eggy Party! Hopefully you can be the last one standing and get exciting prizes from the ongoing events. Have a nice play!






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