Eggy Party Announces Launch Schedule in Southeast Asia!

NetEase Games, the online gaming division of NetEase, Inc., has finally announced the game competitive party titled Eggy Party which will be released in Southeast Asia on September 8 2023.

This means that players from Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and East Timor can use it Eggies them and compete in crazy challenges against players from around the world.

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Eggy Party is a game multiplayer free-to-play where you can compete against other players in small trials, where the rules and stakes change as you fight Eggy last to survive.

As long as you complete more games, you have a chance to unlock outfits which is cool for Eggy yours, make them look cute or as fierce as you like. If you want to try making minigames Eggy Party, you can make it at Creator Modeand you can also share your craziest designs with other players around the world.

Pre-Register Eggy Party Now and Get Lots of Attractive Rewards!

Soft launch Eggy Party has recently achieved success in the Philippines, Brazil, and the United States, and the game has managed to reach a wider audience. So, players from Southeast Asia can also do it pre-register Eggy Party through AppStore And Google Play.

So, you can find out when this game can be downloaded to devices. Of course, there are other benefits that Eggy Party provides, such as: special rewards given depending on the number of prospective players who have pre-register. Present pre-register these include:

  • Bottle Caps: 4,000 Pre-Registrants
  • Fashion Badges: 20,000 Pre-Registrants
  • Limited Outfits: 40,000 Pre-Registrants
  • Avatar Nickname Frame: 80,000 Pre-Registrants
  • 10 Bottle Cap Mystery Box Draws: 200,000 Pre-Registrants

Eggy Party is already a huge success in various countries, and the influx of Southeast Asian players will bring a huge wave of new competitors to the game. That is, the more players who participate, the more events will be held, giving everyone the opportunity to come out on top in individual matches or show off their skills at the Creator Mode.

The more people who sign up, the more loot free which you can get when it launches in Southeast Asia. So make sure you have pre-register before its launch on September 8, 2023 if you want to be part of the gameeggscelent This year!

You can immediately pre-register this game by going to the App Store and Play Store.

You can also directly find out more information on the Official Website, TwitterYouTube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.






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