Effective tips on how to remove ads in BBM on your Android cellphone

The surefire way to block ads in BBM Feeds on Android- The Blackberry messenger or BBM application has been very popular in the era of Blackberry OS-based smartphones until now because of its popularity and the number of users has increased to the point where Blackberry has now opened this application for various operating system platforms starting from iOS, Android and Windows phone-based cellphones. Smartphone users have installed the BBM application on their cellphones almost all over the world, especially in Indonesia which is reported to be the most BlackBerry Messenger user.

Based on that number of users, BlackBerry then monetizes or commercializes the BBM application by placing advertising space on the timeline of the application. This is to generate money for BlackBerry, which collaborates with publishers such as Google and other publishers. This is commonplace in the digital world because other applications seem to do the same thing except the WhatsApp messenger application. It’s just that many Blackberry messenger users complain about the many advertisements that appear on their timeline and of course this disturbs the fun and activities of Android users when doing BBMan activities. So then how to solve it?? Is there a way? Of course there is, namely removing all advertisements that appear on the feeds or timeline in your BBM application, which I will share simple tips and tricks below, please read the tutorial okay.

The first way to remove ads (adsense) on BBM is with the Root Explorer application

With the help of the Root Explorer application, we can easily remove the display of advertisements that appear in the BBM application on our BBM timeline. The method is very simple, namely your Android cellphone must be rooted to install this application. Well, first you have to understand that with this Root Explorer application you will access the Android system down to the system and understand how it works so as to minimize unwanted things such as data loss or errors on your Android cellphone. OK, if you already know, please see the steps below.

  • First go in settings/arrangements then Tap aplication and choose BBM then Tap Force close/ force stop so the BBM application completely stops running.
  • Then you install The Root Explorer application that you previously got on the Google Play Store if it isn’t already installed on your Android cellphone
  • Open the Root Explorer application and look for the file folder with the name data/data/com.bbm/files/bbmcore
  • Then after you open the file folder, find the file and folder with the name “..” and change the permissions of the file “Ads…” the. It is important that you only change files that only contain words “Ads…” and not change other files.
  • Please Unchecklist If all the permissions on these files have been unchecked, please exit the Root Explorer application and reopen the BBM application on your Android cellphone.

With the method that has been done above, hopefully the advertisements on your Feeds on BBM will no longer appear so that you will be free to use BBM on your Android cellphone freely without being disturbed by the advertisements that appear. finished

NB: the above method can also be done with another application called ES Explorer and of course your Android cellphone must be rooted. And just follow the steps

The second way to remove ads on the BBM timeline on an Android cellphone without root

If the first method above requires you to root your Android cellphone, then this method does not require you to root your cellphone. Just install the Official MOD version of the BBM application made by Erwitomy developers. Because with this BBM MOD application, several features in it are very interesting which allow you to hide advertisements that appear on the BBM timeline of your Android cellphone. For how to do this, please follow the simple steps below:

  • First step, please install the application Official BBM MOD which you can previously get on the Android application provider website and of course you can first uninstall the Playstore version of the BBM application which was previously installed on your Android cellphone.
  • Open the official BBM Mod application and sign in with the same Blackberry ID that you have
  • After logging in, please look for the menu “extended settings” and then you activate the menu “Hide sponsors”
  • Then you can check on your BBM MOD timeline that automatically all the advertisements that appear have disappeared.

This second method requires you to uninstall the Playstore version of the BBM application and replace it with the official BBM MOD in order to be able to change settings that can remove ads in BBMfeeds on your BBM application automatically. And make sure you remember your Blackberry ID and password so you won’t have any difficulties during installation and No need to bother re-inviting your contacts

Hopefully the two methods above can be useful for those of you who want the display on your DI BBM timeline to be free of advertising. That’s an easy way to get rid of ads on BBM on your Android cellphone. Hopefully it’s useful, thank you.






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