Easy Way to Activate Private DNS on an Android Phone

There are many DNS that you can use. Starting from DNS which can block all advertisements, such as DNS Adguard. Get faster and more secure access with private DNS from Cloudflare.

In fact, according to data from DNSPerf, the speed of DNS is top ranking first as the fastest. Where the speed of the DNS response time is around 10 – 14 milliseconds.

Interested in knowing how to activate private DNS on your Android? If so, I will share the complete guide here.

What is Private DNS on Android?

Private DNS is a system that can increase speed and security when you surf the internet. In terms of speed, the response time for DNS is 10 – 14 milliseconds.

Meanwhile, in terms of security, Cloudflare has also guaranteed this by providing it with complete security firewallsbot management, DDOS attack protection, API and more.

So what about our data privacy? Based on the provisions that Cloudflare has made, your data will be safe, your privacy is guaranteed and will not be compromised share to the public. Even our privacy data will also be deleted after 24 hours.

How to Enable Private DNS on Android

From the definition of DNS which has been discussed above, it certainly makes us interested in using it immediately. Moreover, our data will also be guaranteed to be safe and can increase internet speed.

So, for those who want to try it, just follow how to activate private DNS on Android as follows:

1. Open Connection Settings

The first step, you have to open Arrangement on an Android cellphone first. After that, find and select settings Connection.

2. Select More Connection Settings

If you have entered the settings Connection, later you can look down. Then tap menu Other Connection Settings.

3. Look for the Private DNS Feature

Here you can access VPN, DNS and Ethernet settings. Because we want to change DNS, you can select the menu Private DNS.

4. Enter DNS Hostname

The Private DNS dialog box will appear. Please change the option to Private DNS Provider Hostname. Then enter 1dot1dot1dot1.cloudlfare-dns.com and tap Save.

5. Make sure DNS is active

Finally, all you have to do is make sure DNS is activated. How to make sure, you can access it in browsers.

Next, make sure the column Connected to, Using DNS over HTTPS (DoH) And Using DNS over TLS (DoT) is in the options Yes.

On the other hand, if part Connected that’s the message No (applies to other messages too), then the DNS is still not active.

If it’s not active yet, you can try restart The cellphone used so that these settings can be saved correctly. Restart also the connection, whether data or WiFi so that DNS can be activated correctly.

Advantages of Using Private DNS

As I explained above. If there are many DNS that you can use on Android devices or PCs.

Each DNS usually has its own advantages. Likewise with private DNS from Cloudflare which we have discussed.

So, to find out more, you can also see some of the advantages of using private DNS from Cloudflare below:

  • Response time is 10 – 14 seconds and is ranked first according to DNSPerf data as the fastest
  • Equipped with security features, such as firewallsVPN, API, bot management, DDOS attack protection and more
  • Can be activated without installing additional applications (applications are also available if you wish)
  • Your privacy data is guaranteed safe and secure historyit will be deleted after 24 hours
  • This DNS is free, you can install or delete it at any time from your cellphone
  • For some conditions, using DNS can speed up connections in some applications. Including for online games and the like

The final word

That’s how to enable private DNS on Android. Simply put, by using DNS you can surf the internet more quickly and safely.

That’s all, if you have anything you want to ask, just send it directly via the comments column. It will be answered there later.

Hope it is useful.






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