E Billing Tax Error? Get to know the causes and easy solutions

Loop.co.id – E tax billing error makes it difficult for many people who want to make tax payments online. This also creates difficulties and hassles for some people.

If you know, e-billing is a system that can make it easier for someone to pay taxes. It is said to make it easier because by using e-billing, you don’t need to come to the tax office.

However, what should be convenience actually causes you hassle because of e-tax billing errors. Do you want to know why e-tax billing can have errors? Come on, let’s look at the explanation.

What is E-Tax Billing?

Before going into a deeper explanation, you must first know what is meant by e-tax billing. This is an online system that can make it easier for you to pay taxes.

As the main purpose of e-billing is, taxpayers can pay their taxes online. You no longer need to come to the tax office just to pay it.

Of course, this makes it very easy because you don’t have to go far, queue, and waste more energy paying taxes. Now you only need a device and an internet connection.

In e-billing you will be able to see the types of taxes that can be paid. Includes income tax or what is usually abbreviated as PPh, land and building tax, and value added tax or VAT.

If you pay taxes offline or come to the tax service office, then you need to fill out what is called a tax deposit letter. If you pay online, then you only need an e-billing code.

The billing code itself is a number of unique numbers that are used as a code for the tax payment process. This unique code is also confidential and is not permitted to be distributed to other people.

To get this billing code you have to register and create a code. The method is also quite easy and in this article we will also discuss in full how to register.

Advantages of Using E Tax Billing

As mentioned in the explanation above, you will get benefits if you use e-tax billing. Here is a list of benefits you can get

1. Tax payments are becoming easier and more practical

Just as it is said that you can use the online system to pay taxes. If you want to use online payments, you can make payments easier and more practical.

You don’t need to fill out the tax payment letter manually which requires more effort to complete. You only need to fill in a small part of the required personal data.

The tax deposit letter itself requires accuracy in the filling process. This is because the data you fill in will be closely related to the transactions that will be carried out in paying taxes.

2. Minimize human error in incorrectly recording payment transactions

The next advantage that you might get if you use e-billing is the minimal number of errors that occur. It’s different from doing it manually.

It is possible that when filling out tax deposit letters and recap notes, people can make mistakes. This is different from technology and the internet which can minimize errors in recording.

Apart from that, you also know that human error can sometimes be quite large if it is not discovered from the start. However, in the internet process itself, these errors can be avoided by preparing the best system.

However, it does not rule out the possibility that the e-tax billing system could experience errors. So, actually all have their respective advantages and disadvantages.

3. Payments are made in real time

The next advantage that you can’t find when making payments online is that payments processed by the system occur in real time. The data and transactions will be immediately processed and recorded by the system.

If you view the payment process offline, you will definitely need time to see the payment status in your system. This is because the staff and officers definitely need time to carry out the data input process.

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Steps to Create E Billing

If you already understand about e-billing and also AOA, which are its advantages. Are you starting to get interested? This is a complete explanation of how to make e-billing and also the payment

1. Via Website

The first step that will be taken is to open the website used to pay taxes. The website name that you can use is dpjonline.djponline,pajak. By going through this website, you don’t need to download special applications that are really needed.

If you use the website, you can handle it by filling in the form that takes Pekalayang a hectare. For example, you need to remind your other friends.

aThe data that will be requested is the national government number. This event is understood as your growth. After that, you will also be asked to verify your email account.

Therefore, whatever happens, you must continue to take advantage of the facilities and those provided are very generous. If you don’t want to get angry, you should obey what is said out loud.

3. DPJ Online

Furthermore, about DPJ which is a platform that can also be used to maximize existing facilities. If you already have a tax e-billing account, then you can follow the steps below to pay.

  1. Enter personal data information on the login page. Enter your name, NPWP, password and also the required address. You also need to fill in other blanks carefully.
  2. Next, in the home section, select pay and select e-billing.
  3. You will be asked again to fill in your personal data
  4. If you have everything, you can immediately click to create a payment code.
  5. Before proceeding to the payment section, you can first check the existing information. As mother said, when it comes to submitting, it’s better to be careful than to study.
  6. The w billing code can be accessed directly, bro

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What Causes E Tax Billing Errors?

In the explanation in the previous point, you already know the advantages and benefits of e-billing. However, as explained, e-tax billing can also experience errors. The following are some explanations of the codes that appear in e-billing tax errors.

1. Displays the REG Code

If you see an e-billing tax error displaying the REG code, then you can find out several causes. This can also be seen from the numbers that appear.

  • REG 001 which is caused by the user’s NPWP not being registered in the master file. Apart from not being registered, this code can also appear if the e-tax billing system is down or has an error.
  • REG 002 appears because your NPWP is inactive. So you can activate it first.
  • REG 003. The cause of this error code is the NPWP which is DE.
  • REG 005 caused by EFIN that you do not own.
  • REG 006 which can appear because it is related to the previous point. Precisely because the EFIN account is not yet active.
  • REG 029 is caused by failed MPN Biller registration.
  • REG 029A which can occur if the biller’s MPN connection is incorrect and not connected.

2. Display SO Code

E tax billing errors can also display the SO code which is visible in seven types. This is a brief explanation.

  • SO 001 which shows that your NPWP has not been found.
  • SO 002 is the code that appears when you are supposed to be a taxpayer but have not yet registered with the DJP.
  • SO 003 is caused by an incorrect or incorrect account password.
  • so 004 is caused by your account not being active.
  • SO 005 is an error due to the login process of the SSE user who is migrating.
  • SO 006 is caused by failing to authenticate the account.
  • SO 007 due to an error entering data when logging in.

Several Solutions to Handle E-Billing Tax Errors

Even though you may experience an e-tax billing error, you can overcome it in various ways. Here is a solution that you can do

  • Check again when you want to log in.
  • Register your account by filling in the correct personal data.
  • Register an active NPW to your DJP account.
  • Register an account at DJP
  • Activate EFIN by visiting the KPP closest to your location.
  • Check and always update the telephone number used in the DJP account.
  • Reset the password and also change the email address used.
  • If all the solutions above have been done but don’t work, then you have to contact the call center.
  • Tax SSE can also experience various errors so you can leave the website and reload the tax e-billing code that previously had an error.

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The final word

That’s the discussion this time about e-billing tax errors from explanations, causes, to several solutions. Thank you for following the explanation of e-billing tax errors to the end and keep following this discussion to get other topics.

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