Download the Latest Picsay Pro Font Collection 2023

Game News – Editing photos is certainly fun, especially when accompanied by the right editing application such as PicSay Pro apk. Yes, and this time we will share the latest and most complete Picsay Pro fonts for you for free. You can use it as material for editing photos that are more interesting and also more varied.

PicSay pro is one of the best photo editing applications ever for Android. This application can edit your photos to make them even cooler and more beautiful with the filters and features contained in it. There’s no need to doubt its editing capabilities, you could say this application is a professional application that can be used for basic editing needs up to expert level.

One thing that we often find on social media and our friends is editing photos with text (typography) which we often see on Instagram and the Facebook homepage. In fact, now there is a Facebook group which is a gathering place for people who like editing photos with the Picsay application. It’s not uncommon for them to also share tips and tricks about editing photos on Android phones.

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You’ve definitely seen various types of writing, right? They’re cool? So that’s what is called a font, these fonts are varied and there are many types such as Unicode fonts.

And here we will share with all of you, especially those who like editing photos with PicSay, here is a collection of cool PicSay Pro fonts with various styles.

Download the Latest PicSay Pro Font Collection

Before you download this font collection, make sure you have the latest version of the Picsay Pro application. Remember, the pro version, not the free version.

The price is quite cheap, namely only Rp. 20,000 Of course, you can use Picsay Pro for a lifetime.

Don’t be half-hearted, here we provide as many as 2000 fonts that you can choose as you wish, whichever is the coolest and suits your taste.

This is a collection of Picsay fonts that we got from the internet. To see the font style, please just apply it to your Picsay Pro application.

In it you can choose whatever type of writing style you like, if that’s not enough, we’ve also provided others in the post about downloading cool and slang fonts a few days ago.

There we have collected at least 50 more fonts that you can get for free, these fonts are free from copyright and you can use them freely.

How to Download Picsay Pro Fonts

An easy way to download Picsa Pro fonts is as follows:

  • There are 3 font links above
  • Please select which font you want to download
  • Then just press and specify the storage folder
  • Finished

We have saved all the fonts above in Google Drive storage so that they can be easily downloaded by you. Just click on the link that we have provided above, and please press the download icon when you enter the link.

We are trying our best so that the download link above can be directly understood by users and does not insert safelinks in it. For files that are quite large, please make sure your storage is not full first.

Make sure you use the Chrome browser to make it easier to download, because we have uploaded the file to Google Drive so you can copy it to your Drive account easily.

How to Install Picsay Pro Fonts

  1. First, make sure your cellphone has the zip extractor application installed because we package all the font files above in *.zip format which must be extracted
  2. Please extract it to internet storage then put it in the Font folder.
  3. Next, open your Picsay Pro application, to see whether the font has been successfully added, please select Sticker > Title
  4. Then click on the font that appears at the top, and see if there are many different font options below it?

If correct, then you have successfully added the font to the Picsay application on your cellphone.

If there isn’t, then it’s possible that you missed several important steps in this tutorial, please check the steps above carefully first.

Notes : Adding too many fonts can make Picsay Pro slow when loading text. So please just add the font you like to the font folder.

All the files above are in TTF format, so don’t be confused when you extract them but can’t install them.

What is TTF Font?

TTF is an abbreviation for True Type Font which was developed by well-known technology companies, namely Microsoft Corp and Apple Inc. With the writing format in the form of true type in the 1980s, this format can create a more universal and good font impression, especially on Apple and Microsoft devices. As technology develops, now this font can also be read easily on printer devices, and is of course more popular than ordinary fonts.

Difference between PicSay Pro and PicSay Regular

There are many differences when we use the regular PicSay application and the pro version, of course this difference lies in the features embedded in the photo editing application.

Picsay pro is a photo editing application that we recommend for both beginners and advanced users, why is that? Because this application has easy navigation and is also very small in size.

However, if you only need light and ordinary photo editing, ordinary Picsay can fulfill our needs for this. Such as inserting photos and creating backgrounds.

Picsay Pro is priced at IDR 20,000 in the Play Store. Very cheap compared to other photo editing applications of this type.

This application is widely used by young people to edit photos with the various creativity they have, so in it we can create anything with the ideas we have.

Not only editing existing photos, you can also use various Picsay Pro raw materials to create your own photos that have the best value.

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Combined with the completeness of the features contained in it, it is very worth it to buy the pro version on Play Store. So what are you waiting for? Come on, download the latest version of Picsay Pro on the Play Store and try the cool fonts above now!






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