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News – For you horror fans, you must try this game. The Ghost Mod Apk game will invite you to play with a different experience. The reason is, this game has a horror genre with a different appearance.

In this game, you will face ghosts who can suck your soul. This game will also invite you to survive while escaping from this haunted place.

The locations in this game take places that usually have a spooky effect on players. For example, like a hospital or school. In this game you can’t freely look around you.

You will play in situations and conditions with minimal light. So your visibility will also be limited. When playing this game, of course your adrenaline will also be tested because ghosts will appear suddenly on various occasions.

Game Review The Ghost Apk Mod

In the game The Ghost Mod Apk, you will be faced with two situations that can give you goosebumps. You will be trapped in a scary old hospital, or trapped in a haunted school.

Like other horror games, you are required to escape and find a way out of the haunted school or scary old hospital. You also have to run away as soon as possible.

Before the ghost manages to take your soul. To get out of this terrible location, you have to complete the mission first. Later you have to complete this task so you can find a way out in the game.

Apart from that, you will also be given a time limit to leave the place. This game can also be played together with your friends.

So you also won’t feel afraid of being alone. You can invite up to 4 people to play together. What’s even more interesting in this game.

You can not only play this game as a survivor who has to escape and save yourself from this terrible place. However, you can also play this game as a ghost who has to prevent the players from leaving the haunted location.

Highlighted Features of The Ghost Apk Mod

For those of you who are curious about this game, you can try the game The Ghost in this mod apk version. You can also test how much courage you have by playing this game.

Even though this game is a modified version of the game by a third party developer, you can still play without any interruption. Before starting to play this game, you can see what the superior and interesting features are in this game.

1. Unlimited Cash & Coins

In the original version of The Ghost game, you will have limitations on the amount of money and coins you have. However, by using the mod apk version of the Ghost game application, you will get unlimited money.

Unlimited money means the amount of money and coins you have without limits. That way, you can upgrade several items that you need to complete the task.

That way, you can get out of this terrible place more quickly. You also don’t need to worry about your money running out. Because the Unlimited Money feature allows you to freely use unlimited amounts of money.

In the original version of the game, if you run out of money because you can’t complete the mission, the ghost will rush to take your life.

2. Unlocked Items & Outfits

The next feature is the Unlocked Items and Outfit feature, so you can freely use all the items and outfits you want.

You can upgrade your items and outfits using unlimited money. You can also complete missions more easily, because you can use any items to help you complete the mission.

3. Unlocked All Characters

In the game The Ghost 3D, there are lots of characters provided. You can play these characters to play this game. In the original version of the game, not all characters have been unlocked.

There are still several characters that cannot be used yet. You also have to buy the character first before you can use it.

However, in this mod apk version, all the characters are unlocked and can be used. That way you can play all these characters without buying them first. Of course, this is very beneficial for you as a game player. You also don’t need to buy these characters anymore.

4. Flashlight is always on

When playing this game, you are already in the school or hospital. You also cannot freely look at your surroundings because of the lack of lighting in that place.

However, you can use a flashlight to help illuminate your surroundings. However, the flashlight will not last forever. Sometimes the flashlight will also turn off.

However, by playing the mod apk version of The Ghost, you don’t need to be afraid that your flashlight will die. You can also use the flashlight whenever you want.

That way, it will also be very helpful for you to have this additional light when trying to complete your tasks. So it will be faster to escape from this terrible place.

5. No Ads

When playing games, there will usually be advertisements that appear in the middle of the game. Surely you often experience this when playing games, right? Of course, this is very annoying when you are playing games.

However, with this The Ghost hack mod apk, you no longer need to be bothered by advertisements. Because in this mod version, the advertising feature has been turned off.

6. Free and Premium

Apart from the features above, this is one of the features that makes The Ghost mod menu hack apk popular and sought after by many people. The reason is, you can play this mod version of The Ghost game for free.

That way, you can play games with premium features in them without having to pay again. Usually you have to pay if you want to get all the premium features.

Download The Ghost Apk Latest Mod Menu 2023

For those of you who want to download The Ghost mod apk, you can download the game using the link below. Surely you are curious about this game, right?

By downloading The Ghost Mod apk, you can enjoy the premium features of the game. You also can’t get this feature in the original version of the game. This game developed by Gameplier has an application size of 391 MB.

This game also has a rating of 4.1 and has been downloaded by more than 10 million users. Meanwhile, in the mod version, this application also has many users. Even the features in this game also attract game players.

You can’t wait to download this game, right? Below is the download link for The Ghost Mod Apk which will definitely get your adrenaline pumping!

Game Name The Ghost Mod Apk
Updates 1 Day Ago
Version Latest 2023
Price Free
Download link Here

How to Install the Latest The Ghost Mod Apk

For those of you who want to immediately play The Ghost mod apk, you have to install it first. Make sure you have finished downloading this game on your cellphone.

To install it is very easy, you only need to follow a few short and easy steps below. After installing, you can also play it directly. Here’s how to install the latest The Ghost Mod Apk.

  • Open Settings or Settings
  • Select the Security or Security menu
  • Then look for the Unknown Sources option
  • Click On or activate the option.
  • Next, open the apk file that was downloaded earlier
  • Click Install
  • Wait until it’s finished
  • Finished! You can now play it directly

Differences between the Modified and Original Versions of The Ghost Game

As a player, of course you want very good game graphics. For this reason, by playing The Ghost Mod Apk, you will be spoiled by the graphic display provided.

The visuals of this game also feel very real, you will also feel flexible controls in your hands. Not only that, you can also chat with other players. You can even chat via mic directly.

However, between the mod apk version and the original version, of course you will feel the difference. In the original version, you will have a limited amount of money. Apart from that, you will also be treated to various types of advertisements.

When playing, you will also be limited in using your flashlight. The items you need are also still locked. Meanwhile, for the mod apk version of the game, you will get unlimited money.

Not only that, you can also play without advertising. You can also use a flashlight without having to worry that the flashlight will die. Apart from that, all items are also open and you can use them directly.

Is The Ghost Mod Apk Safe?

The Ghost Mod Apk is safe to use, however, as you already know, the mod apk application is an unofficial application. So security is not 100% guaranteed.

Therefore, it is recommended that when playing this game you do not use your original account. Because there is still a risk of being banned by the original developer of this game.

If your original account is banned, then this account cannot be used anymore. You can use your second account if you want to try the mod apk version of the application. That way, if the account gets banned, you won’t lose your original account.


That’s the discussion regarding the The Ghost mod apk application. We guarantee that this game is very exciting and can boost your adrenaline when playing. Of course, you will meet many ghosts in scary hospitals or schools.

You can download it right now and play it on your cellphone. Hopefully this review of the game The Ghost Apk Mod Hack Menu VIP Unlimited Money Latest 2023 can help you. Have a nice play!

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