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Download Otakudesu apk – Nowadays, there are lots of cool and interesting new anime to watch, one of which is Chainsaw Man. This anime has received great enthusiasm from the audience.

However, like other new anime, you need the best application to watch the anime, and one of them is Otakudesu APK.

For Anime lovers, of course they are happy if there is a new Anime or a new season of their favorite Anime. However, sometimes the enjoyment is hampered because they haven’t been able to watch it and have to wait quite a long time.

However, Otakudesu APK answers their complaints by being an application that is alert and fast in displaying new Anime or new seasons.

Explanation of Otakudesu APK

Otakudesu APK is a video watching application that will give you happiness. This application is very alert and fast in displaying new Anime, including new seasons of certain Anime.

Surely you feel happy when your favorite anime finally releases a new season. However, this happiness had to be postponed because almost all video watching applications or sites could not display the anime to watch.

Luckily you have found our site, where we discuss Otakudesu APK. Here, you can watch various types of anime, from old anime to recently released ones. In fact, you can watch the latest episodes directly via this application.

Therefore, this application is targeted by Wibu or Japanese cartoon film lovers. There are many features provided free of charge for you to use, including the ability to choose the video quality you want to watch.

Starting from low quality that saves internet quota to high quality that provides an extraordinary viewing experience. Apart from that, here you can also watch your favorite Anime videos offline by using the download feature.

With a simple application display, users can easily watch their favorite Anime.

Advantages of the Otakudesu APK Application: Offers an Amazing Viewing Experience

If you are interested in using this application to watch or search for Anime and new episodes, you will be very happy. There are lots of new Anime and new seasons that you can enjoy.

Such as Chainsaw Man, BNH or Boku No Hero Academia New Season, Attack On Titan, as well as new films such as One Piece Red and Jujutsu Kaisen 0 which you can watch online through this application. This is different from other applications or sites which often have late broadcast schedules.

This is because many unofficial sites like to take other people’s videos, then translate them and give them subtitles to display on their sites.

With all its advantages, the Otakudesu APK application is a wise and suitable choice for you to become the main application for watching your favorite anime.

Various Interesting Features of the Latest Otakudesu Pro Application

If you are already a little familiar with the explanation of the Otakudesu APK application, don’t download it straight away. Wait a moment because we will provide information about the various features in this application, which will make it easier to use.

If you want to know what the advantages and features of the Otakudesu APK application are, see our complete explanation below.

  1. Complete Anime List on Otakudesu APK 2023

As we explained previously, this application is a place to watch a very complete range of anime. Both titles and episodes from the latest season.

With just this one application, you can watch hundreds of anime which are currently being watched by many anime lovers. You can find anime with titles that are viral and get a lot of enthusiasm from the audience.

Such as Chainsaw Man, BNH or Boku No Hero Academia New Season, Attack On Titan, as well as new films such as One Piece Red and Jujutsu Kaisen 0 which you can find in this application. Not only the newest Anime, you can also watch finished Anime such as Shaman King, Naruto, Bleach, The Law Of Weki, and many more.

  1. All anime on Otakudesu Link have Indonesian subtitles

The next advantage is that all types of anime here already have Indonesian subtitles. So, if you watch it, you will know the storyline of the anime, not just watching the movements.

Different from other sites which may only provide English subtitles which are difficult to understand. Otakudesu APK is an official application that allows you to watch new episodes on time, because they have their own translation team.

Translating and typing subtitles in an anime takes quite a long time, because it requires someone who understands Japanese to interpret them. Therefore, many unofficial sites are very slow in uploading new episodes compared to Otakudesu APK which is always on time.

  1. List of Indonesian Dubbed Anime on Otakudesu TV

Another advantage is that you can watch anime with Indonesian dubbing or voice. You will not find this advantage in other video watching applications or sites.

Because this special advantage is only available in the Otakudesu APK application. Some unofficial sites even take a long time to upload new episodes, because they steal videos from legal sites to then upload them in their applications or sites.

With Indonesian dubbing, you no longer need to have trouble reading subtitles. You can focus more on enjoying and digesting the anime storyline that you watch. Apart from that, you can be very satisfied enjoying the graphics and effects of the animation provided by the producers of the anime you watch.

  1. Video quality can be adjusted to your liking on Otakudesu Movie

Above, we have said that this application allows you to choose the graphics or video quality that you want to watch. You can enjoy low quality videos to save internet quota or enjoy high quality videos for a more exciting viewing experience.

If there are many anime that have very good quality effects, we recommend that you watch them with high video quality for a more exciting viewing experience. For example, Kimetsu No Yaiba, which makes everyone who watches it amazed because the effects and image quality are very good.

List of Indonesian Sub Anime Genres on the Otakudesu Video Application

Anime Genre in the Otakudesu APK Application that Attracts Attention

If you are curious about what anime genres are included in this application, we will be happy to answer it. The following is a list of genres in the Otakudesu APK download application.

Action Genre: Unpredictable Battle Thrill

The action genre is an unavoidable obligation in the Anime list in this application. This is because almost all famous anime are in the action genre which offer unpredictable and tense storylines during battles.

Comedy Genre: Laughter that entertains and relieves stress

Not only the action genre, but for those of you who like comedy and want to relieve stress by watching anime, the comedy genre is very suitable for you to watch. Funny stories and entertaining humor will keep you entertained throughout watching.

Romance Genre: Captivating Romantic Storyline

The romance genre has loyal fans, in this genre you will find various romantic storylines that captivate your heart. You will also get a new waifu character after watching it. For those of you who are single, this genre is very suitable to enjoy, because anime often shows heart-shaking scenes.

Various other interesting anime genres

Not only the three genres above, there are also many other anime genres that you can enjoy in the Otakudesu APK application. Starting from drama, adventure, fantasy, to mystery, choose a genre that suits your tastes and interests.

That is the list of Anime genres in the Download Otakudesu APK application. We only present these genres in outline. Actually, there are lots of other interesting genres that you can find. However, the action, comedy and romance genres are the most favorite among anime fans. So what are you waiting for? Come on, enjoy a variety of exciting anime on the Otakudesu application and make your viewing experience even more exciting and entertaining!

Application Name Otakudesu APK Mod Pro
Version New update
Size 20 MB
Minimum Os Android 5.0+
Download link Click >>>”HERE






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