Download Adi Putro New Marcopolo SDD Jetbus 1 ETS 2 Mod

Download Adi Putro New Marcopolo SDD and Jetbus 1 ETS 2 Mod – Euro Truck Simulator 2 (ETS 2) is one of the most popular truck simulation games ever. This game provides a realistic and engaging truck driving experience, allowing players to explore various routes and vehicles.

One of the elements that makes ETS 2 so interesting is the ability to download mods (mods) that enrich the playing experience.

One of the most prominent mods is “Adi Putro New Marcopolo SDD and Jetbus 1.” In this article, we’ll explore the details of this mod, why it’s so interesting, and how to download and install it.

Get to know Adi Putro New Marcopolo SDD and Jetbus 1

Adi Putro New Marcopolo SDD and Jetbus 1 is a mod that has caught the attention of many ETS 2 players. This mod brings the very realistic Adi Putro Marcopolo SDD and Jetbus 1 buses into the game. With this mod, players can drive this bus on various routes and experience the sensation of real bus driving.

Key Features

High Details: One of the aspects that makes this mod so interesting is the high level of detail.

Lots of choices: This mod comes with a variety of options, including various skins and accessories that players can choose from.

Realistic Sound: One of the features that makes this mod very special is the very realistic engine sound.

Accessories: This mod also offers many additional accessories such as lights, lighting, and various other accessories that can improve the look and feel of your bus.

Installation Process

To download and install this mod, players need to follow some simple steps:

File Extraction: After downloading the mod, extract the mod files into your ETS 2 mod folder. This can usually be found in your game’s installation directory.

Activate mod: Finally, activate this mod in your game menu. Usually, you can do this in the “Mod” menu in the game.

After following these steps, you should be ready to start your journey on the new Adi Putro New Marcopolo SDD and Jetbus 1 buses.

Why is this mod so popular?

Adi Putro New Marcopolo SDD and Jetbus 1 has become one of the most popular mods in the ETS 2 community, and there are several reasons why this is:

Due to the popularity of this mod, an ETS 2 fan community has developed well around it. This means players can share their experiences with others, get advice and tips, and create a strong community.

Adi Putro New Marcopolo SDD and Jetbus 1 is one of the most impressive and interesting mods you can find for ETS 2. With a high level of detail, extensive options, and realistic sounds, this mod delivers an unmatched bus driving experience.

EP1.5 adi putro new marcopolo sdd & Jetbus SDD (concept model)


-work in ets2 version 1.36-1.47

-22 livery skins

-Full animated interior right down to the buttons and door partitions

-Anim Doors and trunk

– reverse camera (work 1.41-1.46) (can be removed if it is heavy)

-full anime cam1 button

-anim door (1.37-1.46)

-Support Open GL for non-Windows users

-Sound Scania k410

Def: Here

Base: Here

Addon: Here






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